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Now available for Skyrim Special Edition.
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Horns on Argonians will always show, except on headgear that covers the entire head.

I was bothered that my Argonian\'s massive horns disappeared each time I equipped a helmet or hood, and magically reappeared when I removed them. So this mod fixes that, I guess.

If your Argonian has both feathers and horns, upon equiping headgear only the horns will show, and the feathers will remain hidden.

Instead of editing the Argonian race forms, it works by skin partitions on the hair (horn) nifs. So it should be compatible with EVERYTHING (unless it edits the hair (horn) .nifs). It should also in theory work with any custom Argonian subrace, as long as it uses vanilla hair.

Future updates may contain new hornstyles and (JUST MAYBE) better headgear to replace the currently dumb looking ones (helmets).

I didn't take many screenshots of the mod in action, I may add some more in the future, but feel free to upload yours. :)

If you run into any problems, please let me know.


To install, simply drop the .esp and .bsa into your Data folder and activate the .esp with your favorite mod manager.

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