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Updating from 1.1a? Please uninstall the old version before downloading the new one.

Am I the only one that feels Sky Haven Temple has such a great "headquarters" potential? Only to have that feeling swooped away just as I notice the temple is located in a skeever infested mountain on the other side of Tamriel?

Well fear not dragonborn! This mod adds a semi-lorefriendly stone(not to mention the immersion of this mod. Oh my!) to the Sky Haven Temple gardens that can be used to teleport to ANY major city in Skyrim! The world is at your feet dragonborn! Go forth and vanquish your enemies anywhere and return for a nice hot cup of herb tea made by Esbern!

But wait, there's more! Once you are out causing property damage for great justice, there might be times where you wish you were home in the damp cold halls of Sky Haven Temple. But you're in Winterhold, and the Temple seems like it's in another plane of Oblivion. But fear not, everything is close in the cosmos! Using an old Dragonborn ritual, you are now able to teleport back to Sky Haven Temple once a day!

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Featured in Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 38!

Originally made for Gopher at

I attempted to keep the immersion fo the player by addign a few flavour texts herer and there. Also avoided calling the stone a "teleporting stone" ;)

Where can I find the Teleport Stone?
The stone is located in the garden-esque area outside Sky Haven Temple.

Where can I find the Recall Spell?
To keep the immersion (MY IMMERSION) of the player, the spell can be found in a book on top of the stone.

- Fixed follower compatability issue
- Recall spell is now a "Voice" power
- Slight relocation of the stone
- Added the missing destinations to the Teleporter
- Players can now open the Recall Book to get either a Major or Lesser version of the recall power.

- Added NMM compatibility.

- Added the scripts so that the teleporter is actually working now. Wohoo.
- Moved the Recall Spell Tome to the top of the teleporting stone
- Increased the cast time of the Recall Spell to 5 seconds
- Added minor effects to the recall spell