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I hate the plaster animals in Skyrim. In this age of post-Crysis, it's quite a difficult thing to stomach even though Crysis probably didn't have much fur. So I followed what the guy did on this page, plus some tweaks here and there. It's not the best job in the world and I am no texture artist but hopefully they're less offensive now. Feedback, suggestions, critiques, tips, requests are welcome.


Extract zip contents into your "skyrim" folder


Run SofterFurUninstall.bat found in your "skyrim/Data" folder


What does this mod do?
It gives an appearance of softer fur for animals in Skyrim.

What did you do?
Basically just run the normal maps through a several layers of blur in Photoshop. Probably add a few details here and there. In short - flashy filters.

Is this compatible with [insert texture replacer mod]?
As long as it does not replace the normal maps, then yes. Animal retex mods in Nexus at the moment are mostly recolors, so it should be safe. With that said, please report if you come across an incompatible mod. I can't do anything about it but I can put it on incompatible mod list to serve as a warning sign.
UPDATE: Update for Elk in version 1.20 replaces the texture as well.

Are you going to do hair?
From my testing, normal maps do not affect hair appearance that much aside from giving a few shines and shade. That means I don't know yet.

What about khajiits and werewolves?
They're on the to-do list. If the final result looks better than vanilla, I'll release them.

But the bears still look ugly!
Wha.. I haven't released the one for bears yet! Seriously, this mod doesn't fix bad textures and some of them ARE bad (see: cows).


Animals Done
  • Wolf
  • Mammoth
  • Sabre cat
  • Troll
  • Fox
  • Dog
  • Cow
  • Elk

In Progress - may or may not be released
  • Horse
  • Bear
  • Giant
  • Werewolf
  • Khajiit


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