Caius Aurelius- Escape from Cyrodiil by CommanderNikolai
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You are Caius Aurelius, an Imperial nobleman. Of course, you were always more interested in adventuring then politics, frequently taking the family sword to fight off local bandits with your brother. At 18, you immediately enlisted in the Imperial Legion, hoping to be posted in Skyrim, and fight off the Stormcloak rebellion. Unfortunately, you got a rather boring assignment just off of the City Isle. Months later, only dealing with occasional bandit raids, Stormcloak sympathizers attacked. The Legion had the equipment, but the sympathizers had numbers. Quickly overwhelmed, you mounted a horse and rode north. To Skyrim. It was time to take the fight to Windhelm.

Basically, just roleplay. Keep in mind, your horse is dead. (Those sympathizers are probably just behind the gate and shot it.)