Dungeons Ancient Thorns by Lord Dagobert
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Dungeons : Ancient Thorns
By Lord Dagobert
July 2012

This mod adds:
-1 Huge dungeon, divided in 6 cells, interior or exterior
-18 Bosses (check at the end for the list)
-2 craftable and improvable armor sets, The Plagued and the Decayed armor
-A new insignia system : Each time you kill a boss, you will gather
a Shard of Decay. Collect them to craft brand new items!
-7 new epic and improvable weapons
-Random Loots
-Epic Fights

All the enemies are respawn, so you can do the dungeon again if you want to.

The entrance of the Dungeon is situated in the river near Lover's Stone, you can
check the screenshot to be sure.

Doing the dungeon once will give you between 20 and 23 shards (depends on random loots).
You will need 30 shards to complete 1 armor set and 5 to improve it. Each weapon requires
1 shard in order to be improved.

New Items:

-Plagued Set(heavy) and Decayed Set(light) :
Craft the shield,helmet,gauntlet and boots for 5 shards each, Armor for 10. You will also
get a random piece of armor on the last boss. No perks required, only a forge!
Improve them at a workbench for 1 shard each!

-New Weapons: Mace,Dagger,Battle Axe,Bow,Greatsword,Sword and War Axe of Thorns. They will
randomly drop on the bosses. Improve them at a grindstone for 1 shard each!

Bosses & Loots -Possible Spoils- :

Gates of Decay (1st cell, exterior)
-Corrupted Abomination (1 shard of decay)
-Mother of Decay (1 shard of decay)
-Gatekeeper Draazvak (1 shard of decay)

Valley of Swarms (2nd cell, exterior)
-Plagued Lord (1 shard of decay)
-Fallen Commander (1 shard of decay)
-Witch of Swarm (1 shard of decay)
-Corrupted Shade (1 shard of decay + 1 random weapon or bonus shard)

Lost District (3rd cell, interior)
-Fallen Noble (1 shard of decay)
-Rotten Abomination (1 shard of decay)
-Mother of Destruction (1 shard of decay + 1 random weapon or bonus shard)

Swamp of Madness (4th cell, exterior)
-The Unliving (1 shard of decay)
-Mistress of the Swamp (1 shard of decay)
-The Mad Draugr (1 shard of decay + 1 random weapon or bonus shard)

The Den (5th cell, interior)
-Fallen Priest (1 shard of decay)
-Fallen Mage (1 shard of decay)
-Crystal Atronach (1 shard of decay)
-Mushroom Minion (1 shard of decay)

Queen's Lair (6th cell, interior)
-Queen of Swarm (3 shards, 2 random weapons, 1 random piece of armor)

If you ecounter a bug, a problem or you just have a question,
send me a message! I'll be happy to help you :) .