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*****************Cerwiden Companion******************
Author: Mujuro
Version: 1.7.1
Download Site:
Categories: Companions
Cerwiden is the first of a new breed of "smart" AI, configurable followers to join in your adventures in Skyrim. She is fully voiced, and includes custom backstory/quest content (via version installments). If you've played Skyrim with vanilla mage companions, you've undoubtedly recognized their limitations. Ceri is a departure from the vanilla follower mold, and is a companion who can be customized/configured to suit your playstyle and level of difficulty, extending far beyond the equipment you may give to her. This mod comes with a dialogue-based configuration interface, available after you first recruit Ceri, to set up how she should fight and heal, the frequency of her random banter comments, and even where to go if dismissed.

Cerwiden can:

- Cast defensive buffs on you and your other followers/companions
- Heal you and your followers/companions in combat
- Cure you when you've been infected by disease (after combat ends, so that there's no wasted magicka from you getting reinfected. Cerwiden is smart, remember? :P
- Cast offense spells intelligently, targeting opponent weaknesses (with SMARTCast)
- When dismissed or in "relax" mode, change outfits, including a nighttime outfit
- Follow your instruction on how to fight, cast and dress
- Assess her surroundings and share her thoughts with you
- Take you on HER quest, and share her thoughts on why she's in Skyrim

To try and keep game balance, Cerwiden starts at level 6 and her spells are scaled and level-dependent.

What's New
Based on feedback from the development poll, version 1.7 focuses on the next installment of her background quest (why Ceri is in Skyrim):

[*] Lots of new voiced lines, including voiced, quest-specific NPCs.
[*] "Smarter" enemies: Enemy quest mages will heal their own allies, SMARTCast against the player and player allies, and have their own special buffs.
[*] Initial, very early stage foundation for party-combat, including warrior archetype "taunt", player ability to call target focus.

In addition, v1.7.1 includes:
[*] Additional checks against the vanilla brawl quests (I've still not been able to replicate issues reported re Ceri interfering).
[*] Tweaked timing of Lern scene in The Dukes of Hell quest segment.
[*] Some additional banter dialogue, with tweaks to timing of some existing comments.
[*] Ceri's combat healing now also restores stamina.
[*] A new "SMARTCast" staff weapon for Ceri; it does not need to be recharged.
[*] Ability to "reset" Ceri's friend quest via debug dialogue, noting that this must be done PRIOR to engaging in Ceri's v1.7 quest installment.
[*] Fixed the "dupe" exploit relating to Ceri's remembered outfits.
[*] Fixed the dialogue condition bug whereby, depending on friend/favor scores, certain dialogue options that were once available end up disappearing.
[*] Fixed an empty condition that resulted in Ceri's tier 2 buff spell being unavailable.
[*] Fixed certain spell animations that were inconsistently applied (better now, still not perfect, e.g., Ceri's curing of the player).
[*] Fixed a condition issue relating to Ceri's NPC speech detection that prevent the Companions quest "Taking Up Arms" (training with Vilkas) from completing.
[*] Added SEQ file to get around the Skyrim v1.7 "dialogue bug".

Cerwiden should play nice with other mods, and has been reported to work with UFO, EFF, HFC, AFT and other companion mods. Note that Cerwiden's wardrobe functions may conflict with other mods that also attempt wardrobe management, so toggle Cerwiden's wardrobe if you plan on using other mods for this.

Cerwiden may also behave irregularly in terms of combat healing if you use mods that alter vanilla Skyrim combat AI, or otherwise modify Ceri's spells and perks whether directly or indirectly. Similarly, if you use mods that "silence" NPCs and followers, this will likely break Ceri's banter and quest triggers.

If you use Convenient Horses and opt to use the follower combat option, it will override any command you give to Ceri not to use weapons. This is because Convenient Horses will force a scripted "fake weapon" on your followers, including Ceri.

There are early reports that Hearthfire changes existing follower parameters and, as such, may conflict with Ceri and other followers generally.

v1.7 has exterior entrances in Tamriel to some new areas relating to the quest installment. Mods that alter these areas may result in conflicts.

1. Wilderness 45, -19 (Near Fallowstone Cave in the Rift)
2. PinefrostTowerExterior01 -35, 24 (Near Pinefrost Tower in Haafingar)
3. Wilderness 29, 25 (Outside Winterhold)

Mods that alter certain actor value indices, including Infamy, Variable08 and WaitingForPlayer (CH and EFF accounted for already) may conflict with this mod.

Upgrade Installation
If upgrading from v1.6+, simply do an overwrite install. If upgrading from v1.5 or earlier, a clean save install is required.

Clean Save Instructions:
1 Go to a location NOT the Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn.
2 Take from Ceri any equipment you don't want to lose, and say goodbye to her. Note that this includes clearing out Ceri from other mods that interact with her (e.g., if you use UFO, EFF, etc., be sure to DISMISS Ceri from your active followers; if you use BBBLS, remove her from your house guest access list, etc.; if you're married to Ceri, see online FAQ).
3 If you have Ceri's summon spell as a Favorite, remove it from Favorites. From the console, type "stopquest kcfDPDialogueCerwiden" without the quotes, hit enter and exit the console. Do the same for "kcfCerwidenAddsQuest" and "kcfCerwidenModInitialize01".
4 Save your game in a NEW slot (do not use quicksave), and exit Skyrim.
5 Uninstall the old version of Ceri and, if you use ASIS (or similar mods) and/or a bashed patch, rebuild them now without Ceri installed.
6 Load the save from 4, save AGAIN in a new slot (not quicksave) and exit Skyrim.
7 Install and activate the current Cerwiden mod per "New Installation" instructions below.
8 If you use ASIS patcher, add CerwidenCompanion.esp to your ModExclusions section of ASIS.ini and rebuild your ASIS.esp.
9 If you use a bashed patch, rebuild it.
10 Load your save from 6 and Ceri will be waiting for you at the Sleeping Giant Inn.
11 Reconfigure Ceri to your playstyle and enjoy!
12 Note that you may need to do another save/exit/reload for the Skyrim v1.7 dialogue bug if Ceri's custom dialogue is missing.

New Installation
NMM: Download, activate and enjoy!
Wrye Bash: Move to Installers Tab and install
Manual: Unpack the archive into your Skyrim\Data directory and activate the mod in the Data Files section of the Skyrim launcher


For users of v1.7: Go to the console, type "set kcfDebugMode to 2" without the quotes and hit enter. Dismiss Ceri, and then speak with her and select the "uninstall" option. After the uninstall script runs, save and exit the game, deactivate and uninstall the mod.

For users of v1.6: Use Ceri's debug dialogue option to prepare for uninstall. After speaking wiher her, simply deactivate the mod and uninstall. If upgrading to v1.7, this you do NOT need to do an uninstall, just overwrite.

For users of v1.5 and earlier: Prior to uninstalling this mod permanently or doing a clean uninstall for upgrade, please dismiss Ceri and do a "stopquest" for kcfDPDialogueCerwiden, kcfCerwidenAddsQuest and kcfCerwidenModInitialize01 from the console.
Wrye Bash: Uninstall from Installers Tab (No worries, as Wrye Bash Installers Tab will handle any shared script conflicts unlike NMM)
Manual: Delete the following files/folders from your Skyrim Data directory:
docs\CerwidenCompanion - README.txt

After uninstalling Cerwiden:
[*]If you use a "bashed patch" (e.g., through Wrye Bash or SkyBash), rebuild it if your bashed dependency ordering needs updating (can't hurt to rebuild in any case).
[*]If you run ASIS, rebuild your ASIS.esp.
[*]Similar to ASIS, if you run any mod that alters NPC/followers dynamically via SkyProc or something similar (e.g., RePerkussion), re-run your configuration/patchers for those mods.

Reporting Bugs
If you're having trouble with Ceri's inventory and/or wardrobe issues, please post on the Nexus comment thread the following information:
1. Skyrim version
2. Ceri version you're currently using, your previous version, and whether you did "clean save" install
3. Ceri's follower mode (active follower, relax mode, dismissed) when the unanticipated "switch" occurred
4. The "game time" you asked her to change (assuming you mean you told Ceri to pick her own outfits); you can get "game time" by going into your system menu, it's on the bottom-right of your screen
5. Any companion framework you may be using (UFO, EFF, etc.), including any mod that forces followers into a non-vanilla package while following the player
6. Any mod you may be using that manages/changes outfits on followers/NPCs (AFT, BBLS, EFF, etc.)
7. Any mod that "swaps" or "scripts" inventory items in follower/NPC inventory in some manner (e.g., DSpSoB)
8. Any mod that alters follower spells and perks, including whether you removed any perks or spells from Ceri
9. Papyrus log excerpts for the timeframe in which the issue(s) occurred
10. Use common sense, if you review your Papyrus logs and there are no issues with Ceri and a gazillion issues from other mods, please don't blame Ceri

Version History
1.7 Installment questline update, additional banter, initial prototype of some party-combat features and "SMART" opponents
1.6 Significant voice content upgrade, situational awareness, first installment of backstory and questline
1.5 SMARTCast improvements, Battle Command feature, additional wardrobe compatibility with certain clothing items
1.4 Ceri's custom configuration dialogue voiced, in-game reference guidebook, SMARTCast, lots of optimization
1.3 Included Ceri's Envision face mesh/textures for those who don't want to use Envision for all female NPCs, beta version minor clean-up
1.3BETA Significant changes to combat AI/spell configuration options; wardrobe now includes changing hairstyles
1.2A Fixed healing condition
1.2 Defensive spell scaling, dialog configuration menu, general balancing
1.1 Added spell (lesser power) for Cerwiden's wardrobe, some script clean-up
1.0A Fixed FaceGen directory structure typo that resulted in gray face
1.0 Initial Release

Please see the mod's Skyrim Nexus site at main page for summary information. The full FAQ is located at The FAQ is divided into subsections:

[*] Quest and Dialogue/Banter Information
[*] General Information
[*] Cerwiden's Wardrobe and Hairstyles
[*] Use with Follower Management Mods (UFO, EFF, AFT, etc.)
[*] Installation and Troubleshooting
[*] Cerwiden Debug Modes

Voice Acting
Shelly Claman (ThePoeticOne) as Cerwiden
Josh Bull (Revision) as Sonal Milus, Elric of Melnibone
Phoenix Rain as Jagreen Lern
Kirk Peffer as Rackhir the Red Archer
Marc Acton as Theleb K'aarna
Daniel Pol Diaz as Mordaga of Chaos
Camden Aaron Smallwood as Arioch of Chaos
Ashley Marie Berryhill as Xiombarg of Chaos

Beta Test Team

Other Credits
Apachii for Apachii Skyhair
Hentai for A Clothes
DD AKT for Envision Face
Reaper9111 for Cerwidenís staff and "Friends of Law" textures
Backsteppo for Elricís Cloak Mesh
Volvaga0 for Angelic Halos and Demonic Horns (for the Chaos Lords)
Guffeh for Alduinís Wings (for the Chaos Lords)
Garryg for Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement (for the Chaos Lordsí armor)
pnkrd for Crown Helmets (for the Chaos Lords)
mitchalek for his valuable assistance in helping me with Ceri's riding workarounds
jburrowes for valuable dialogue suggestions
Bellyache for tremendous help on Ceri's hair textures when she switches hairstyles
Kevin Kidder for Specialized Followers (inspiration and techniques on building better followers)
Cutthroat Mods for the amazing tutorial on creating followers
Bethesda for Skyrim
Michael Moorcock for the Elric Saga and Eternal Champion series
Dan Smith for the Tengar Sindarin font
USEP Skyrim for the Dragon language font
Elric888 for the "Arrow of Law" and "Chaos Star" art