Dragonborn Manor Redone by Pitbull924
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Dragonborn Manor Redone


This is a nice cozy player home with all the amenities, located across the river from Riverwood. It has a main room, a bedroom, and a big armory. It's completely navmeshed and updated as of the V1.6 Skyrim update. All storage is 100% safe (all set to "noresetzone" and "player owned"). The navmesh was fully tested both inside and outside. The bed will give you the "well rested" perk when sleeping in it. All doors are auto-load for convenience. Other than that, I can't think of anything else to mention about it. I hope you enjoy it.


~Version 1.1 Changelog~

The only thing that has changed is the addition of shield racks (6 in the main room and 6 in the bedroom) and a few minor tweaks. Nothing has been moved so you can just copy this one over the v1.0 .esp without any issues. No need to clear out all your gear for this very small update. Enjoy.

***I added a version without the Doomstones in the armory as an Optional file for those of you who don't want them. Just replace the normal version with that one and you're good to go.***

Thanks to Brodual for featuring my mod on his weekly modder's video! I appreciate it. The grass showing through the stairs in the exterior should not be there though, not sure why it's there. Mine starts at 3:48.

----See the map pic for the exact location.----

Just place the My Place.esp in your Skyrim/Data folder.



~Main room:
- All crafting stations
- All shrines
- Storage galore
- Display cases & weapon racks

- More storage
- 2 interactive bookshelves
- 1 Winterhold bookshelf
- Wardrobe

- Extra storage
- Plenty of mannequins and weapon racks
- All Doomstones
- Archery target and melee dummy

None, except mods that place something in the same exterior location as this.

***Special thanks to Green for letting me upload this with my own tweaks added to it.***