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I tried to keep them looking lore-friendly to a certain degree and I've used 5 other mods which you'll need in order to get them to look just like the pictures. There are 5 different files in one folder in case you just one to install one. - THIS MOD CHANGES ONLY THE FACES AND NOT THE COMPANIONS DEFAULT OUTFITS.

Apachii's SkyHair

Chris57 and FavoredSoul's Better Males - Faces - GeonoxFaces

Nevenbridge81's Natural Eyes

Coverwomen Look 2

No More Blocky Faces

Aela - tried to make her more attractive so I removed the tattoo and added a scar (the result of a fright between werewolves). If people will ask for a version with her trademark tattoo I'll add one. I made her thinking she'll look good, but still be fierce and kick arse - and not wearing bikini-type armor.

Farkas - removed the dirt and the tattoos and cleaned him up in general, changed the hair and the facial hair, but I tried to keep the wolf-ish look without making him look too boyish or effeminate - he's still the two-handed wielding warrior and the throat-ripping werewolf we know and love (or worse - anime-ish).

Vilkas - since he's the intellectual one I tried to make him less grungy and gruff, so I changed a few thing like the hair and the facial hair, removed the dirt etc. He's more clean-cut than Farkas, but will still tear you apart.

Skjor - I always like him and wished he could've been a follower. I've kept his tough/rough warrior look, while giving him better/more proportionate look.

Kodlak - gave him a more pensive/ wise-man look, while still looking like a warrior. He was the one to impart wisdom and reign in the Circle so I wanted to keep that look.


Just copy the the .esp and .bsa to your Skyrim/Data folder.


Delete the .esp and the .bsa

The armours - in case someone asks here's what they're wearing:

Aela - TH3WICK3D1's Elite armor recolored - + Nivea's Winter is coming cloaks -

Farkas/Vilkas - L0rd0fWar's Witcher 2 Models - the chain mail B and the knight armor (formerly the old version of Saskia's armor for males) -

PS: I may be re-doing some major NPC (currently finished Ulfric, Elisif, Tulius and few more) and I plan on doing all of the marriageable companions/followers. Anyways feedback is welcome and I hope you like them.