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Use unique spells based on the biotic powers in Mass Effect trilogy. Fight your enemies with your Biotic Charge, throw, warp, singularity, and many more.

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Hello everyone, i am really sorry that i can't continue the mod anymore, but be free to do so! you can use any thing from the mod for your own mod, or continue it. Just remember to credit

First of all sorry for my english, my english teatcher was the games i played so you will find many gramatic errors.
This mod bring unique spells based from the biotic powers in Mass Effect trilogy. Fight your enemies with your Biotic Charge, throw, warp, pull and many more. I also plan to make the spells fit the lore of the elder scrolls and skyrim
Also this is just the start of the mod, if you like the spells and want to see more of them, please endorse and give feedback, this will make the mod progress.
From time to time i will update the mod and add more spells. Those are the spells current done

Biotic Charge: Rushes into a target and knock them of they feet using an powerful biotic barrier arround you. Deal 100 extra damage if the targets are affected by singularity, warp or stasis. for now this is an shout and requires Wuld word.

Warp: throw an projectile that slowly Rip you enemy apart from an molecular level. Deal 20 Hp damage per 10 seconds. Deal 100 extra damage if enemy is affected by singularity. cost 75Mp Destruction school

Throw: Throw a single enemy with unparalleled momentum. This spell work like the fus ro dah shout level 3, but in the hand and can be dual casted for extra force. Deal 50 damage if enemy is affected by warp or singularity. Cost 30 Mp Destruction school

Singularity: Create a dark energy sphere at the target, lifting any one who pass near it.

Shock Wave: The spell sends an series of biotic impacts in front of the user ignoring some obstacles, dealing great damage and knocking enemies in the way.

Biotic palm: Concentrate biotic energy in your palm and strike an enemy with it.
Stasis: temporarily immobilize an enemy and lower his resistance for 6 seconds, also allow biotic combos.

Nova: Nova is an an high risk high gain spell, as nova take away all magicka to deal an massive shock wave around the caster. If the caster is using Barrier nova take the barrier instead of magicka

Reave: Drain target's health and disrupt their armor, The caster receive Extra resistance while the spell is effective. last for 5 seconds

Slam: lifts a target and slams them to the ground, inflicting damage.(Slam Will not work 100% of the times, as the location can cause interference.)

Lift: cause enemies to float helplessly in the air, making them more vulnerable to attack and Biotic Combos.

Barrier: Reinforce armor with this biotic field. Barrier also allow the use of Nova without loosing all magicka. You can also detonate the barrier to lift enemies near you.

[size=+1.8]Biotic Enchantments[/size]
Like mass effect, you can improve your weapon with warp, unlike mass effect, you can improve your weapons with other Biotic spells as well. This was requested by Degalon.
Those enchantments are unlike any other, as they must be casted as an lesser power, and lasts almost forever or until the weapon is sheathed.

Warp Weapon: Enhance your weapon by adding Warp effect. cost 100 and last until the weapon is sheathed. Lesser power.

Throw Weapon: Enhance your weapon with kinect energy, throwing any foe away

Lift Weapon: Your weapon has a chance of lifting enemies.

Slam Weapon: Enhance your weapon, making it have a chance of slam the foe to the ground

Stasis Weapon: Your weapon has a chance of put the foe in Stasis.

Shockwave Weapon: shock waves passes through the foe body when in contact with the weapon.(perhaps i make the weapon throw an shock wave.)

[size=+1.8]Biotic Combos or Biotic Explosions[/size]
By combining Biotic spells effects you can Deal Biotic Explosions, the actual combinations are:
Singularity + Warp
singularity + throw
Singularity + Biotic Charge
Singularity + ShockWave
Singularity + Nova
Singularity + Reave
Warp + singularity
Warp + throw
Warp + Biotic Charge
Warp + Shockwave
Warp + Nova
Warp + Reave
Warp + Slam
Stasis + singularity
Stasis + throw
Stasis + Biotic Charge
Stasis + Shockwave
Stasis + Nova
Stasis + Reave
Lift + Throw (no explosion here, but the effect is multiplied in this combination)
Lift + Warp
Lift + ShockWave
Lift + Nova
Lift + Biotic Charge
Lift + Reave
Slam + Warp
Slam + Throw
Slam + Reave
Slam + ShockWave

For now They need to be cast in the correct order, for example warp first + throw second work, but throw first + warp second does not.

[size=+1.5]How To Get The Spells?[/size]: The Spells are located in Dragons reach, in White Run. Inside Dragons reach go where The Blue Robe Mage is and Look for an chest behind the map.(Look at the Picture here in the mod as well)
Nothing is perfect, but i am working to make it better and without bugs, so if you find any, or dont like an spell, please describe the problem. There aren't any serious issue, but those are the current ones
Singularity: Some times, the foe will float like if where in space, other times the foe will go to the ground, go back and go to the ground normally.
Slam: it does not always work, as it is terrain dependent. Also the foe is smashed in the ground 2 times.
Lift: lift makes the foe invulnerable for unknown reasons, if the player try to lift an object like an chair or alchemy table, the object will be electrified indefinably.

[size=+2] Recommended[/size]
Apocalypse Spell Package by Enai Siaion
There you will find Many userfull and unique spells, Slam for example, was originaly made by Enai Siaion and the original spell can be founded Here
[size=+2]Change log[/size]
0.1: started the mod, added warp, throw and biotic charge.
0.2: Small changes in warp, throw, and Biotic charge. Added Singularity and Warp weapon. Added Biotic Combos.
0.3: Changed biotic projectile, Changed Charge effects, added New effects to existing spells. fixed biotic shader, added Shockwave, Biotic palm, Nova and Stasis
0.4: Changed Casting Effects, Added Reave, Slam, Lift and Barrier, Other Minor Changes(i did not uploaded everthing and some things will be in the next update, if you notice some thing missing, please, tell me, so i will fix)
0.5:Added Slam weapon, lift weapon, throw weapon, stasis weapon, shockwave weapon, improved Biotic charge visuals(now you is invisible when charging, just like mass effect) Improved shockwave visuals(Now there are shock in the waves) Redone Singularity, Improved Barrier(now can be detonated for lifting effect).
[size=+2]To come[/size]
Make others spells based in mass effect biotics(Both Single player and multplayer biotics)
BioWare for making Mass Effect
Bethesda for making skyrim
EnaiSiaion, the author of Apocalypse Spell Package, As he let me use his Slam Script and Toggle Script.
And the nexus.
Special thanks to every one that suggested, commented, and endorsed the mod.
also note that my spells are purely based on the ones from mass effect, and this mod is also an tribute to mass effect trilogy

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