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Last updated at 23:14, 1 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 21:25, 18 Jul 2012

This mod adds the two follower Lyndwyn (Mage) and Aileen (Archer), that I used in my Moonpath to Elsweyr playthrough. I optimized the look of both, Lyndwyn has different hair as well now. Both characters level with the player. You will find them in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. I'm not a modder and used the Skyrim NPC Editor by foretrenty to make this. Took me ages to make them working standalone anyways.

If they don't wanna follow you, open the console and click on Lyndwyn/Aileen. Type in:
player.setrelationshiprank <> 3
for <> type in the id of the selected follower (Lyndwyn/Aileen).

Major skills: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction and Restoration.
Spells: Paralyze, Oakflesh, Blizzard, Flames, IceSpike, Firebolt, Lightning Bolt.
She is able to use Paralyze at ~ Lvl 50. However I don't think she ever uses Blizzard :I (I'm a noob at that)

Major skills: Archery, One-handed, Block, Light Armor

I recommend using a mod that enhances your experience with followers (for example UFO).

Simply download it to your NMM and install it. Make sure both .esp are activated (Lyndwyn.esp and Aileen.esp)
If you install it manually, just copy the files in the zip to your Skyirm Data folder.

Mods for the same look:

(+ Less Make up Version 2)

Mods used for the outfits:

Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation by brokefoot
Tribunal robes set by Zairaam
Rangers Cape by Meister crashes on the floor

to foretrenty for the Skyrim NPC Editor
to Brokefoot for the awesome armors
to Zairaam for the great Tribunal robes set
to all the great modder who are polishing the game
the skyrimnexus, Bethesda
and all my viewer on YouTube :D