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Castle Drakhur by UnknownFreak
Skyrim » Castles, Palaces, Mansions, and Estates
Added: 18/07/2012 - 08:25PM
Updated: 05/09/2012 - 08:02AM

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Uploaded by UnknownFreak


Last updated at 8:02, 5 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 20:25, 18 Jul 2012

Huge Castle, with many guards that guard your castle, they have a crimefaction so THEY can arrest/kill you.

WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED/MAINTAINED, therefore you can change it whatsoever without asking me

V2.00 IS OUT

I forgot to make the spell tome for my secret incomplete place, hidden, so you can learn the spell, and go and see the secret area if you find it, but I recommend not because I'm not done yet, but I can't force you not to so you still choose if you wan't to learn it.


when updating the castle from a older version to v2.00, I wan't you to know that the main cell is replaced by a new one, and you will have to COC to the old one and retrieve your items, the COC location to the old location is CDIO, and for the new CDIN, use the COC and you can get your items and they will not BE LOST

When update I recomend that your player is out of the building somewhere else. this is to avoid some issues. Where objects are moved all over the place.

Main Castle: (Done)
3 merchants: one that sells Smithing, and 2 that sells food, planning to add another with alchemy, and change one to enchanting,
Mannequins: in main hall, relax area, crafting area, pool, displayroom, master bedroom, dining room, planning to add some more to the main hall, and maybe some to the entertainment room,
Bookshelfs: located in main hall, relax, crafting, master bedroom, will add some more to the top level,
weaponracks/displaycases: mainhall, crafting, pool, displayroom, master bedroom, will add some to the top level

Basement: (WIP)
Storage, TortureChamber, VampireCoffin( for player vampires :D), Prison, Containers for prison, Other things I will add, and a dungeon containing enemies and ores to mine (private mine :D)

CastleCourtyard: (Planning)
More Clutter, this will add more trees, and plants, and even some benches, a player Balcony counts to this area aswell

DrakhurCity: (Planning)
More Houses, a mine, and more guards to guard the place, maybe a guard-barrack needs to be added

ActorVoicing: (Planning, But will need help with that, But have no idea how :P)
To make unique actors, and for quests, and to make the actors to actually say something

Has a drawbridgeScript, that makes the drawbridge open/close-able
Fully navmeshed, so followers can follow you.
If you want your spouse to move in to any custom house I recomend this mod .

Known Bugs/Issues:
-A lot of interior is missing, exit the cell, save, and restart the game, this should fix the issue

-When updating the file, sometimes a lot of items are moved around the place, mostly the gems in treasury room, tho fix , diable the mod, and save game, and then enable it, take all your items with you else you lose them.

-Merchants don't go to their trading location, to fix enter another cell and then come back, now they are where they should be, havent found a fix for this

- The female torture victims have for some reason not 150 hp, and I haven't found a soloution for this issue, if you want them to have more health you can use the console and use "setav health X", where X is the ammount of healt you want them to have

- Torture victims may fall off if you use a weapon with paralysis on it. dont use that weapon, I recomend my own made dagger lying in the torture room, also named "torturers blade", if you can't find it , you can use the console to add the item.

- none reported yet

Q: How did you do that guards can arrest you like in every other big stronghold/city?
A: Well it was a bit tricky, but I won't tell it here, but I made a tutorial so if you wan't to do the same, go here

Q: I don't see any weaponracks/Display cases, Where are they?
A: Well the weaponracks/Displaycases are there, the only thing is that I don't have the display case-box surrounding them, this two pictures will show how it will look like before and after

Q: Ive tried making torture victims aswell, but mine keep falling off, how did you do?
A: I did a little workaround and then it worked, I will make a tutorial on how to do when Im done, if you want to know send me a PM, for now.

Q: What tools did you use to make your model?
A: I used the following tools
  • Blender, for making my 3d model
  • Gimp , for the textures and normalmap
  • Niftools, for making my 3d object a nif file
  • chunkmerge, making mopp collision for my custom mesh

I know that the images are a little bit out of sync, but they are way too large :/, so I can't do a thing :(, unless I scale them down.

None more atm.

User permissions:
Note that you can use the drawbrigde script, for your own mod, but you are NOT allowed to use any other part of my mod(Castle), without permission from me fist, ONLY the drawbrigde script can be used in any way you wan't.

You are NOT allowed to make a translate of this mod without asking me first.

Future planning:

I will add more weaponracks/ mannequins, and other stuff aswell
Fix bugs/issues, To report a bug/issue, please comment it or send me a PM.
Add more buildings to make it more like a smaller city.
Add a basement, that contains a wine cellar, torture chamber and, maybe another armry.
Add a mine that contains most of the ores, and some slave-miners.
Add some custom made things, that I made my own :D, this depends on how good they look like.
Add new items, like swords, and some enchanted armors/items
Adding a smaller city to my mod
To V 2.00, I plan to change all walls, and add other walls, to be able to make roombounds

Want me to change something?, send me a PM, or add a comment, and I see what I can do

Have fun with my Castle :D

plans for next update:
-spell for secret area, hidden if I'm not done when updating
-my own made object
-some bug/issues fixes
-the maze complete(to hidden area, may be impossible to complete, a real challenge xD)
-start of the dungeon
-some minor changes in relax-room, I think I make this one
-hopefully starting with the balcony
-may remake a lot of the interior(v2.00 or higher)
-some clutter at castle-courtyard
-adding some more NPCs in the castle, some will be trainers and some will sell stuff
-and if all this is made directly I will NOT update this in a while unless it's complete