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Last updated at 7:26, 21 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 7:29, 18 Jul 2012

Version History:
v1.0 - Original file
v1.01 - Adds a firepit to the main floor and a fireplace to each bedroom (see screenshot)
v1.1 - Removed the amulets from the enchanting table. One of them was advancing a quest. I replaced them with vanilla necklaces so you can enchant them.

I always thought that the warehouse located at the end of the Windhelm docks was kind of a waste of space. There weren't any quests attached that I could find so I made a house out of it. It replaces the the Warehouse cell.

Winters Edge was the home of a retired soldier named Valgeir. He went out to do a favor for a friend one day and never returned. But his loss is your gain. You can find poor Valgeir and a couple guards behind the Traders Post across the river (see screenshot). You'll need his key to get in.

Winters Edge is converted warehouse with a loft and features:
-All crafting stations including a smelter (outside)
-Dragon Priest mask display busts
-A lot of storage
-A few mannequins and weapon/shield plaques and cases
-A ladder on the loft that opens into Windhelm near Sadri's Used Wares
-A kitchen and sitting area on the loft where you can spend a few quiet hours reading or eating
-A sitting area on the main floor with a couple thrones, a bench and a small bar to entertain friends or threaten enemies
-Main and guest bedrooms
-Banners of some of Valgeirs friends and enemies hanging on the walls
-A dragon skull mounted above the door

It's got a map marker, can be fast travelled to and will show up on your map.
All the chests are labelled with what I would put into them. Kind of presumptuous of me I know, but I think they work. If you don't like them labelled let me know and I can upload a new file.

Known Issues:
Followers won't enter or exit using the ladder on the loft - not sure why. They'll spawn at the front door if entering or down the road if exiting into Windhelm - but they catch back up in seconds.

Known Conflicts:
Anything that affects the Warehouse. I checked the Nexus and didn't see anything but you never know.

Download using the Download with Manager button and activate it in the NMM
Manually download the .esp file, place it in the ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data directory and activate the mod in the Skyrim launcher.
Uninstall - delete the .esp from the Data directory.