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Problem with Imperial, Breton and Redguards fix

I'm a bit curious about the problem for Imperial, Breton and Redguard vampires. I made a possible fix for that, but don't know if it will really work. Therefore I need some tester, that will download the fix and install it.

At the moment there are only files for yellow eyes in the fix. If it works I make one for all other colors and add some more eye types.

Please tell me via comment or/and pm, if it is working for you.

Well, I just thought that the eyes of vampires are really ugly and remade them. Hope you like them ;)

Available colors:
Blue (similar to the vampires of the movie underworld)

I would like to see some character of yours with these eyes!

Version 1.1
- more details added
- eyes for Argonians (male/female) added
- eyes for Hajiit (male/female) added

Just copy the content of your chosen color folder into the "Data" folder. If you have previous versions installed, just replace all files with the new ones.