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This mod adds an unlimited quantity of civil war patrols in user setable sizes (up to 128 in any one area at any one time). The patrols will attack / reinforce camps and forts.

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This mod adds Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers to the game dynamically to give the feeling of a civil war in Skyrim's wilderness.

Changing Mod Settings

Change the below settings by bringing up the console (tilde [~] button) and typing:

set <SettingName> to <NewValue>


MoreWarDifficulty0Sets the relative level of any spawned NPCs,
0 being the lowest and 4 being the
MoreWarSpawnDistance12288.0Sets the distance from the player at which
NPCs spawn
MoreWarSpawnFrequency60.0The number of seconds between script loops
MoreWarSpawnLimit63The population limit for MoreWar NPCs -1,
i.e. 63 = 64
MoreWarSquadSize3The number of NPCs in a squad -1, i.e. 3 = 4
MoreWarSpawnRestrict0How restrictive the code is with placing NPCs:
0 : Wilderness only
1 : Wilderness and some other areas like
2 : Anywhere not interior,
including inside cities
3 : Everywhere including interiors,
i.e. no restrictions