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Last updated at 9:30, 24 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 3:11, 30 Nov 2011

The goal here is to have a nice, natural looking environment. I hope you enjoy it. Please comment and endorse if you like it...

Please do not re-post this mod anywhere else, this is a Nexus exclusive.

VERSION 2.2 now has four presets!

Uninstall FXAA Post Process Injector V1.3 (if you have it installed).
Install FXAA Post Process Injector V2.1 by some_dude (I installed his 4th preset).
In the folder "injFX_Shaders", replace the "UserSettings.h" with one of these (drag it into folder or copy and paste).
Double click to run "FXAA_Tool.exe", (this loads the new preset)
Close the "FXAA_Tool.exe"
Play game.

Preset 1 has Bloom, Tonemap, PostSharpen
Preset 2 has Tonemap, PostSharpen
Preset 3 has Bloom, Technicolor, Tonemap, PostSharpen
Preset 4 is for people with darker monitors or like lighter looking enviroments. One preset has bloom the other doesnt.

Please endorse me if you value my efforts.

Note: the pictures posted here are to give you a rough idea what the preset looks like. You really won't know until you try it for yourself ( that goes for anyones presets).


NOTE: My versions 1.1 and older DO NOT WORK on the FXAA PPI Version 2. Use FXAA PPI version 1.3.

Install FXAA Post Process Injector by some_dude (I used his 2nd preset option).
Replace that injFX_Settings.h with this one.
Play game.


The rest of this page is about making your own adjustments. If you are not interested in that dont read any further.

I renamed this V1.1 (It was V2) so as not to be confusing with the new FXAA PPI V2.
A little lighter, a little less bloom, and a little bluer. This is not a replacement for version 1, just a little different.
Edit as you would the original below.
Reduced #define Gamma 1.25
Reduced float BloomThreshold = 1.0;
Reduced float BloomWidth = 1.00;
Reduced float BloomPower = 1.00;
Increased #define BlueShift -0.07


Open the injFX_Settings.h file in notepad or your favorite text editor. I use Notepad++.

If you run your game in windowed mode you need to exit game and restart game to see changes. In full screen mode alt+tab to see changes.

NOTE: If it looks too green to you then change in TONEMAP: #define BlueShift -0.09 to 0.0 (Or something greater than -0.09... -0.05 for instance) SEE BELOW...

NOTE: If its too dark at night pressing your Pause/Break key on your keyboard will disable settings. My companion carries a torch, I also use candlelight spell often.

NOTE: If its too dark in the daytime (Or at night) reducing TONEMAP: #define Gamma will lighten the picture. So will increasing the #define Exposure.

Change these values
float BloomPreset = 0; // Disabled = 0. Valid Preset Values = 1 to 9. Preset value 1 to 9 takes control over the next 3 settings. Original setting was 5.
float BloomThreshold = 2.4; // The min. level at which the effect starts. Valid Values = 1 to 9, use decimals for fine tuning. Original setting was 1.0
float BloomWidth = 1.00; // Sets the width of the effect. Valid Values = 1 to 9, use decimals for fine tuning Original setting was 1.0
float BloomPower = 2.15; // The power of the effect. Valid Values = 1 to 9, use decimals for fine tuning Original setting was 1.0

#define TechniAmount 0.05 // 1.00 = Max. Lower number = more vibrant. Original setting was .30
#define TechniPower 4.8 // lower values = whitening. Original setting was 4.5

Lower values = stronger channel. I needed more red... you may not!
#define redNegativeAmount .94 // 1.00 = Max Original setting was 1.0
#define greenNegativeAmount 1.00 // 1.00 = Max
#define blueNegativeAmount 1.00 // 1.00 = Max

increasing Gamma darkens the picture. Increasing Exposure brightens the picture.
#define Gamma 1.27 //Larger number = darker picture. Original setting was 1.10
#define Exposure 0.20 //Larger number = lighter picture. Original setting was -0.10
#define Saturation -0.20 // use negative values for less saturation. Original setting was 0.70
#define BlueShift -0.09 // Higher = more blue in image. My image was way too blue hence the negative number. Original setting was 0.00

float Sharpen = 0.04; // Original setting was 0.05

Thats it!

CREDITS: Thanks to:
Everyone that worked on the Post Process Injector.
The nexusnetwork.
To all the modders that make these games great!

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