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Added: 16/07/2012 - 10:59PM
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This mod will add a spell tome to each of the 5 houses you can purchase throughout Skyrim. Using this tome will teach you a spell called Return To "Home Name" that will teleport you back to that particular house.

Due to request, spells for the Ragged Flagon and ArchMage Quarters have been added. See the video below for where to find the Flagon book. The ArchMage book can be found on the table to the left of the wardrobe at the back of the room.

There are now two versions of this mod. The regular version and the Hearthfire version. Only install one version of the mod!

The regular version will work with the game and all DLC but does not contain books for the Hearthfire houses.

The Hearthfire version contains everything from the normal version but also books for the Hearthfire houses. Not that it should have to be said, but don't install this version without Hearthfire.


To install, either use the Nexus Mod Manager or download the .zip file, extract the .es and Scripts folder and move them to your skyrim\Data folder.

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