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This mod adds several knightly armors. They can be found in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood (Chest beside the bar). Because they are free to have, this has to be declared as some kind of cheat mod.

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[size=+5]Knightly Armory[/size] [size=+5]Revamped[/size] [size=+5]by JackoO[/size]

*** New Version of my Armor mod for Skyrim Special Edition:

JackoOs Gothic Armory SE


Hey guys, here's a quick workaround to find the stuff:

First of all, there are 2 general .esp's that can be used (only use one): The normal, and "cheat" version.
In the cheat version a new chest is added to the Riverwood Inn. (beside the bar)

In the normal version, the chest is deleted, but a vendor called Ned is added in Riverwood. (search beside the smithy) He will sell a new type of ore "magic ore" and a color that is needed for some parts of the armor. He is only selling his stuff during the day.

chainmail and the paladin plate can be crafted using the Forge
magic ore ignots can be crafted in the smelter (new smelter in riverwood)
Red clothes can be crafted with the tanningrack
The armors can also be upgraded.

If you want to reupload this mod, please ask me for permission first. I don't want to see the files reuploaded on another site - so you may only upload your .esp and give a link to this site for the ressources. Thanks, and have fun with it!

current version 1.1 (July 22, 2012)

2 new armor variants (bare Paladin Plate armour, heavy knight's armor)
All armors are now upgradable
Vendor has much more ore to sell
minor fixes
added a optional (cheat) version for those who had mod incompatabilities (look for the chest beside the bar in Riverwood's Inn

several armor pieces
new paladin gauntlets
gnd models for all armors
Armors are craftable (cheat chest removed) and upgradable
New vendor and smelter added to riverwood
2 new armor variants added (baron and new Templar armor)
armors are no longer enchanted

[size=+3]Videos:[/size] (many thanks to Brodual and svaalbard!)

Please read this before download!


This mod adds several knightly armors. They can be crafted (and upgraded) using a new type of ore, that can be purchased in riverwood (Search for "Ned" beside the smithy).
The stats of the armors are comparable to the ebony set.

The mod is mainly influenced by a former RPG. RPG gamers will probably recognize it ;)

There is NO separate version of female armors! This is mainly for male characters! (female characters look kind of weird in this armors) Further there are (and never will be) helmet meshes for the beast races. I'm not playing beast race - so i will not mod them. Please dont ask for that.

I will update this mod in the future, but my time is rare and i wanted to share this with you

this mod includes:
2 variants of paladin armors
2 variants of templer armors
2 variants of knight armors

(if you have installed the 1.0 version - uninstall it first!)

Copy the the files into your data folder in your personal skyrim game folder.
Start the skyrim launcher, check the oOsSkyrimKnightlyArmory.esp and start game

uncheck JoOsSkyrimKnightlyArmory.esp in skyrim launcher
delete the .esp file and the following:


if you downloaded the .bsa version - just remove it.

[size=+3]Credits: [/size]
Thanks to Bethesda for creating skyrim and the Creation kit!
Thanks to
"One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit for more information"
Thanks to skyrimnexus
Thanks to all creators of blender
Thanks to all creators of niftools

Please contact me, if you want to use, or change any part of the mod but at least give me credit for the work. (Youre welcome to use it in your very own mod - but please contact me)

For all objects modified with base skyrim resources: all rights reserved to bethesda softworks