Earthmist Hollow by Horinf
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Last updated at 15:43, 28 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 16:16, 15 Jul 2012

The mod adds an underground house at the southern mountains of Skyrim, not far from Angi's house or Bloodlet throne. The place is isolate and confident.
You can travel to the map marker (pass icon). At the place you'll find small ruined stone circle with some useful additions to the house. The house itself lies deeper.
Beyond the door lies a deep cave with touch of ancient nordic style. There are three main corridors in the cave, all open into large central area with mists and waterfalls.
One of the corridors contains some crafting devices, another is reached by the stone bridge and has bed and alchemy area. The last part of the cave has bookshelves and an enchanting altar. You can get there through dark corridor between entangled vines (the wall near the entrance of the second area).

Crafting possibilities:
- Chopping block outside
- Smelter in discrete cave
- cooking area in the ruins
- anvil, workbench and sgarpening circle in first underground area
- tanning rack near the spiral stairs
- alchemical device in the alchemy room
- enchanting device in the study

The plugin is partially companion-friendly. However, they cannot pass through vine doors despite navmeshes.

Blary - books, shelves and other
Tony67 - scrolls shelves
Oaristys - various resources
Artisanix - paintings
Harvey2112 - used his GeneralStore as resource