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Added: 15/07/2012 - 04:00PM
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Last updated at 18:20, 26 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 16:00, 15 Jul 2012

Another not really difficult mod
But its just cute)

Ok. Here's a deal.
This mods adds to the game a different type of weapons - Weaponry of Daedra.

This mod contains 3 different files.

Weapons of Daedra has unique enchancements.
This is not another GOD'like mod. Dont even think about it.

Weapons has increased armor penetration. Also they have own unique enchancements different types.
Try and see what they do.

All weapons are stylish.
Axe and Blade will not appear untill you unsheath it.
They doesn't appear in your inventory with icon. But still you can equip them.
Unfortunatly i can't make the Bow dissapper on a back.

All weapons are PERMANENT (!!!). It's not bound!

All weapons are craftable and upgradeble.
And yes - thet will cost you...
But believe me - they worth it)

Just unpack archives into your SkyrimData folder.