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The DremOrc race is a fusion between the Dremora and the Orc races. They where created by an alliance forged between Mehrunes Dagon and Malacath to destroy Alduin. The DremOrc are masters in the schools of Destruction and Conjuration Magic and fearsome in battle.

Permissions and credits
DremOrc Race mod:

1- Introduction

2- Race Features

3- Installing

4- Future for the mod

1- Hello guys and thanks first of all for reading this!
I started working on this mod when i was working on the
the creation kit; and i was looking on the Dremora Race;
and one of the things that got my atention was the cool
horns that the race has and started wandering what other
race would look very cool with those horns and of course
the Orc Race was the first that came to my mind; but i
needed some sort of idea for the race to make sense; so
i started recearching about the two races and their gods
in the game and soon after the idea was tacking shape;
The two gods of the Races ( Mehrunes Dagon and Malacath)
joining forces against Alduin by creating some sort of
Fusion between the Dremora and Orc Race; thats where the
name for the Race came to be; the DremOrc Race.
The Story is explained a little more in detail on the
text you read when you are selecting the Races.

2- The DremOrc are masters in the schools of Destruction
and Conjuration Magic and like to wear heavy armor and
their weapons of choice are mainly one handed; but the
mace is their favorite.

DremOrc Race:

Skill Bonus:

Block- 5

Conjuration- 10

Destruction- 10

Heavy Armor- 5

One Handed- 5

Specials (Spells):

Ability DremOrc: DremOrc are half daedric and their main
source of power is fire given to them
by Mehrunes Dagon from Oblivion; so
they have a 50% resistance to fire; but
they also have 50% weakness to frost.

DremOrc Firebolt: DremOrc are naturally gifted in
destruction magic so they can cast
their own firebolt spell by half the
mana cost of a normal firebolt spell.

DremOrc Summon Flame Atronach:

Dremorc when coming of age and after proving their valor
in combat receive the gift to summon they're guardian;
the flame atronach that can be summoned once per day for
60 seconds.

DremOrc have the body and looks of an orc except for the
Dremora Horns but their skin tone is the same has the
Dremora but because they are a fusion between two
different races; they can also sometimes have some other
different skin types.

Both Male and Female versions have 10 preseted characters
for you to choose from.

3- Installing DremOrc Race is very easy; just put the
DremOrcRace.esp file in your skyrim data folder and
then check in the data files menu if it as been
The mod doesn't come with any other files because all
i used for this mod is from the vanilla game.

4- I would really like for this race to have a sort of
tail like the argonians have but one that looked more
like a Demon's tail.
I've Tried several argonian horns too; they are cool
but don't fit very well but i think it would be possible
to make them fit and that would give more horned styles
to choose from.
If anyone who has the skill to make this enjoys the
mod and wants to help me out; that would be great and
of course i would give him full credit for its work.

If you really liked this mod don't forget to endorse and
comment and feel free to give ideas for the mod for
future updates.