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~[+:Thank you for all downloads and endorsements up until today~^^ :+]~

(Share your screenies of you and Eileen throughout your travels in Skyrim!)


This mods adds a female vampire companion in North/South Brittleshin Pass. She's locked up in a cage so if you want to have her following you, bring some lockpicks~ XD

=Backstory (To anyone who wants it)=
Eileen is a lively young girl who used to live in Falkreath. One day while she's out alone to gather some herbs near a gloomy cave, she was attacked by a vampire. She struggled in order to escape, but by the time she got away from the vampire's hand, she had already been bitten. She ran as hard as she could as the vampire pursued her. During the chase, some hunters who happened to be hunting in the same area saw the vampire was running about, so immediately they struck some arrows on to the vile vampire's head, but somehow they did not notice Eileen as she had already ran far away in terror from where the vampire was pinned down.

Eileen knew that anyone who was bitten by a vampire will turn into one of them after given some time. She knew that there's no place to go home to since returning to her town in her new form would definitely be suicide. Due to the fatigue that was caused by all that running and transformation process, she fell on her knees and started to lost conscious...

By the time she came to her senses, she noticed that she was barred in a cage inside a cave of an unknown location. It seemed that she was captured by some insane necromancer who's currently working on his vile arts on corpses and the undead. Alone and in danger, she holds out for a hero to come and free her from her misery~
(Pretty cliched, but just for the sake of doing it~) XD

None, but please update your Skyrim to patch 1.689 and above (otherwise 'dark face bug' might occur)

=Not Required but HIGHLY Recommended=
Follower Commentary Overhaul - FCO :
(To make Eileen be more talkative instead of a soulless husk following you around)
My home is your home:
(To set change her default location to somewhere else other than Brittleshin Pass after being saved, i.e Whiterun's Bannered Mare so you won' have any trouble finding her after being dismissed)
Ultimate Follower Overhaul:
(Use command "You know..." -> "You could dress better" to change her default outfit into nothing)
Magical Markers:
(Give this to her before dismissing her to know where she is after being dismissed)

=Recommended (not needed at all, just for promotion)=
RV Vampire eyes:
Univision Face:
Fair skin for CBBE and UNP:
Enhanced Character Edit:
Serena's Vampiric Sword - Valdii's Tongue: (Needs Dawnguard)

Unzip everything in Skyrim/Data Folder.

Might not be compatible with any mod that modifies North/South Brittleshin Pass

=Author's Note=
If you are wondering what she's wearing, its a replacer of Ragged Trousers and can be found here:
This character's name was actually inspired from one of my best friends~^^
Note that the real Eileen doesn't look anything close like this character. She's not even a vampire. Really. But she IS scary and mischievous... >.<

Apachii for amazing hairstyles~
Hhaleyy for beautiful skin~
pemamendez for bloodshot vampire eyes~
zzjay for guide to make a standalone companion~
Eileen for journal contents and letting me use her name for this character (by force)~ XD

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*P/S: If experienced any bugs, please report immediately~ Thank you for your cooperation~! =)