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This mod replaces the 9 guard shields to 9 shields with the sigils of the 9 great houses of Game of Thrones.

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I enjoyed Pjeteh's mod of the Stark family shield but I felt just one shield wasn't enough. So I changed the guard shields of all 9 holds to the sigils of the 9 great houses that appear in Game of Thrones.

The Eastmarch (Windhelm) shield becomes a Tully shield
The Falkreath Hold shield becomes a Tyrell shield
The Haafingar (Solitude) shield becomes a Targaryen shield
The Hjaalmarch (Morthal) shield becomes a Martell shield
The Pale (Dawnstar) shield becomes a Greyjoy shield
The Reach (Markarth) shield becomes a Arryn shield
The Rift shield becomes a Lannister shield
The Winterhold Hold shield becomes a Stark shield
The Whiterun Hold shield becomes a Baratheon shield

I did my best to put the right hold with the right house but if you think I did a lousy job you can change the names of the files yourself ;).
I made all the shields myself except for the Stark shield, which was made by Pjeteh (the original mod by Pjeteh can be found at Game of thrones Stark family shield )

If you like the mod, please endorse to spread the word. I might accept requests but this is my first mod so don't expect too much.