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~[+:Babette Replacer:+]~

NOTE: Sorry it took A WHOLE YEAR for the fix. I took a rest from Skyrim and eventually came back. Just so hard to totally quit an awesome game. I humbly apologize for the inconvenience caused during my absence. Fixed all the problems on this mod. (PM me if you found any new ones)

Fixed missing feet texture & grey face.

This mods replaces Babette of the Dark Brotherhood into somewhat cuter. I used a female Nord vampire race for her and set her size into that of a child. I also set her default attire as shrouded robes set so she can blend into the Dark Brotherhood and hide her...errr..."curves" so she'd still retain a child appearance.

None, but Skyrim patch 1.689 and above (otherwise 'dark face bug' might occur)

=Recommended (Not required at all, just for promotion)=
RV Vampire eyes:
Univision Face:
Fair skin for CBBE and UNP:

Unzip everything in Skyrim/Data Folder. Place at most bottom possible in load order.

If you had met Babette before this mod was installed, her height might be of the default standard female Nord height at the scale of 1.00. To fix this, simply open the console and click on Babette and type "setscale 0.85" (scale value for her height is at your own preference, mine is 0.85). Should fix it.
*This also works on those who are not satisfied with the size I've set for her, so you can experiment with any numbers for the scale~

Apachii for amazing hairstyles~
Hhaleyy for beautiful skin~
pemamendez for bloodshot vampire eyes~

=My Other Works=
-Follower- Sylmeria of the StormCloaks:
-Follower- Vampire Eileen:
-Follower- Saber from Fate/Stay Night:

*P/S: If experienced any bugs, please report immediately~ Thank you for your cooperation~! =)