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Last updated at 0:21, 14 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 0:19, 14 Jul 2012

This Mod is based on the artistic creativity of SlayerSyrena's comic The Magic Carrot.
Her art is amazing, go and view it!

So, on to the mod. This mod will place a Note in the DBDawnstar Sanctuary in your room giving you a quest to go find (and kill) the person who took "The Magic Carrot". The Magic Carrot is actually a carrot mesh, which makes killing bears and giants rather amusing. It also gives you access to a light armor set which looks like Chef's Clothes, for those times either you want or you want your follower to look like a chef, but still be able to fight in the world. They also sell for quite a bit. ;)
*Note: If you give the carrot to Cicero and he uses/equips it he will say a custom line from the comic, from time to time.

So please download this mod, try it out, and tell me what you think.

!!!!Appreciation Corner!!!!
Thanks to SlayerSyrena for her awesome comic.
Thanks to those who created Skyrim, the awesome game.
Thanks to all who download, because you people are just plain awesome!

Please don't steal my work
Please don't upload to other sites