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Last updated at 18:38, 3 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 17:59, 13 Jul 2012

Name: Farquar's Girl: Gwendolyn Tweak
Version: 1.1
Date: 7/14/2012
Category: NPCs

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Requirements: Player-Created MOD(s):
- Apachi Skyhair is REQUIRED.... Sorry :P
- Face/body mods are optional, but I recommend Killer Keo's skimpy farmclothes outfit 1
- NOT required, but pointless without Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite

Ever heard of the farm-girl, Gwendolyn? Probably not. She doesn't have any quests, she doesn't have complicated dialog; she just tills the farm, alll daaaaay.

UNLESS you have the Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite. Then she starts to have a 'thing' with the male guard of the establishment, which is nice. She finally gets some significance. Only one small problem: she's ugly as ***.

So I fixed her up! She is now a nice treat for our loyal defender of the Suite. If you don't have the Suite, Oh well, she'll still look nice anyway. Cinderella, maybe? poor thing.

She's NOT invincible, but she will respawn.
She's NOT marriable, NOT a follower: She's Farquar's girl, not yours!
I decided to leave her voice as it was. I could have changed it, but there are not a lot of options that are not used 100 times.
She now has less than average courage. Hopefully, she won't die and instead run away. But if she does, she is set to come back, eventually.

The Suite is no required, but this mod will be pointless if you do not have it. Load order doesn't seem to matter; Migal's quest to make her hang with Farquar will work nonetheless.

Isnatll like any other mod, either copy it into the Data folder, or use NMM.

Reverse your actions to uninstall.

Shouldn't be incompatible with anything, unless it changes the way Gwendolyn looks.

Actually forgot a file in the original update. It broke Gwen's face.... Ouch. This should fix it.
So this is version 1.1

Thanks to all the people who put effort into making players and NPCs beautiful! Apache, Caliente, Killer Keo....
Thanks to Migal for making the #1 player home on the Nexus! (#1 playa home as well!)

And of course Bethesda, for, despite mountains of glitches, still made the most dynamic, immersive, expandable fantasy roleplay/action game ever! I've dreamed of games like this for ages!

And DRAGONS! Because you can never have enough dragons! (Unless they're the fat, small-winged wimpy kind)

You can do whatever you want with this mod but don't complain to me if it
doesn't work or your PC blows up. Ok, that says it all!