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Pan around character while moving.. ..

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update 1.1 - now with joypad support (freaks ;p)

whats this?
Key to toggle animcam / steering on the go
(partial restore of what was missing from skyrim for some reason?)

..Thanks Draghons and molokovello

How'd u use it
has to be ScriptDragon n can be found on..this site
(or if the site is down, u can probably find a mirror under its comments, on this site, nexus)
((doesnt conflict with skse n its perfectly fine to run them side by side))

Real simple, with the dinput8.dll n ScriptDragon.dll in the root of your game..
copy the 'asi' folder from this mod to the data folder of the game

or install with the NexusManager

uh play the game, move, keep moving, press n spin, again to steer.

Edit the Hotkey
In the skyrim/data/asi folder
Inside the file 'Animcam Hotkey.ini' (open with notepad)
you'll see..


edit the virtual-key code. (0x56 = v)

find the key list here
and the joypad here

Using the Joypad
to switch between pad/mouse/keyboard.. load the game with the pad on/off

for an Xbox360 pad the default is LB+A
also editable via the method above

for other joypads uh maybe something like JoyToKey

if you hold the button tooo long it toggles back
u have to adjust vertical angle while steering
doesnt work while horseback :/

previous to the 1.4 patch i think: activating this while mining..
gets the camera stuck at an odd angle, reload an older save to fix it.

being an in-built feature of the game anyway and as this only toggles it..
no settings are changed and this should be compatible with all other mods, ini tweaks or otherwise..

to just everyone here for making a good game so great
Alex blade for his scriptdragon n super noob friendly examples (so i ask if this means as much to you as it did to me endorse his awesome work) some dudes called finalfrog n SarcasticZombie, n of course uz guys.. this is only here because of the support i recieved (instantly!:) and this pleases me very much so yes nice one ^ hey n more thanks to the peeps whove endorsed since. kudos all round..

I'll be sure to keep this posted should something better come along
Tell us if n when then..
Thankyou please ^

n to get it started heres an alternative for the girlies : Victorias High Heel walk

-Mods from the vid n screenshots on the readme tab-
prize for longest title? lol, or suggestions ..