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MONSTER MOUNTS ( MONTURES MONSTRES ) by gg77 version 2.6.6 and version 2.7.1 (SKSE version)

Optional Files: .Esp Version Française pour les versions 2.6.6 et 2.7.1 SKSE

No DLC required

11 Fully Flyable Mounts with the version 2.7.1 ( Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is Required)
Green Atronach, Magic Anomaly, Flame, Stormy, Paalaz, Pazuzu, Spectrum, Fire, Mjöllnir, Azraël, Nerthus

You can also download two "Add-ons" to this mod :MONSTER MOUNTS Dawnguard (Requires Dawnguard !)
and MONSTER MOUNTS Dragonborn (Requires Dragonborn !)

Monster Mounts Works with Convenient Horses by Alek/ Mitchalek (look at the screens of ermitaBoy: "Just ride your favorite monster once and it can be summon from anywhere. Two beautiful mods combined together gives you an amazing gameplay")


Video with Monster Mounts + MONSTER MOUNTS Dawnguard


Controls with the Fully Flyable Mounts ONLY for the version 2.7.1 ( Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is Required)

UP: Left Shift

DOWN: Left Ctrl

DOWN to the ground quickly: E or Space

W (or Z): forward

S: backward

A (or Q): turn left

D: turn right

When flying press F12 to reconfigure the Keys (...a little problem: it is the default screenshot button on Steam ! You can go into Steam and disabled screenshots)

If there is a problem with the F12 key, uncheck the mod, make a backup and then check again the mod

You only have to be careful to not crash into the ground (apparently they can also burrow underground) !

(With my setup !) I often need to restart the game a second time, in order to fly (problem with SKSE ?)

Thanks to NoxyGame and DOSMaster for the script of the mod Pegasus MLP fully flyable “feel free to use/enhance the script/nif/mod, but give credits to the authors”


1) You must place the .esp at the bottom of the list in the "Data Files" when you launch the game to avoid getting the bugs or problems with some mounts ...

But if you have my other mods (Monster Mounts Dawnguard / Monster Mounts Dragonborn / Summon Big Cats/ Summon Werewolf and Co./ Summon Giants, etc...) you must choose the one OR the other one ! IT’S ONLY THE LAST .ESP WHO HAS THE BUGS FIXED

2) You can put in your Skyrim.ini ( user / my documents / my games / Skyrim ) the following settings (you can copy / paste the following) :



These settings allow you to see all mounts correctly, whether your character takes his weapon out or not.


Only for the manual installation:

1) With « 7 – zip » -or other- (right click) you must unzip the downloaded file: “Monster Mounts 2-6-6 ” or "Monster Mounts 2-7-1"

2) You have a folder: “Data” (with 2 files: “Montures Monstres.bsa” and “Montures Monstres.esp”)

You have to put this folder « Data » in "...Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim "

For the manual and the NMM installations:

3) When you start the game, in "data files", you must check "Montures Monstres.esp" at the bottom of the

To uninstall, simply remove these files ! (if you have forgotten which files these are, simply unzip the folder of the mod again, and then find the same in Data).

This mod adds to the South of Whiterun the following mounts (all "essential") available straight away:

1) Giant Mudcrab (Vasard)
2) Chaurus
3) Falmers (4)
4) Giant Frostbitespider (Givrépeires) (2)
5) Giant (Géant) You have to take out your weapon then left click on the mouse to move forward faster
6) Hagraven (Harfreuse)
7) Slaughterfish (Poisson carnassier) Rideable Slaughterfish
8) Trolls (2)
9) Werewolfbeast (Loup-garou)
10) Dwarvensteamcenturion (Centurion Dwemer)
11) Dwarvenspherecenturion ( Sphère Dwemer)
12) DwarvenSpider (Araignée Dwemer)
13) AtronachFrost (Atronach de glace)
14) AtronachFlame (Atronach de feu)
15) Spriggans (2)
16) Skeleton (Squelette)
17) Draugrs(3)
18) Wispmother (Lucereine) If your mount disappears(with impossibility to dismount): Zoom out with the scroll Wheel or FAST TRAVEL
19) Witchlight (Feu follet)
20) AtronachStorm (Atronach de Foudre)
21) Giant Skeever (2) (Ragnards)
22) Giant Fox (2) (Renards géants)
23) Giant Dog (Chien géant)
24) Giant Cow (2) (Vaches géantes)
25) Goat (Chèvre géante)
26) Ponies (3) (Poneys)
27) Mammoth (2) (Mammouths)
28) Moose (Elan)
29) WhiteStag (Cerf Blanc)
30) Wolf (4) (Loups)
31) Horker (Horqueur)
32) Bears (3) (Ours)
33) Giant Chicken (Gros Poulet) Riding a Chicken
34) Giant Rabbit (Gros Lapin)
35) IceWraith (Spectre de Glace) If your mount disappears(with impossibility to dismount):Zoom out with the scroll Wheel or FAST TRAVEL

36) Sabrecat Tiger (Tigre)

Thanks to muppetpuppet for the Sabrecat Tiger in his mod Tiger retexture and skin addon for sabrecat race (“enjoy free to use”)

37) DragonPriest (Prêtre-Dragon)
38) Sabrecat Leopard (Léopard)

Thanks to AlienSlof for the Sabrecat Leopard in his mod Slofs Sabrecats (“Use these textures freely”)

39) Lion
40) Lioness (Lionne)
41) Sabrecat Panther (Panthère Noire)

Thanks to FrankTheFish for the meshes/textures of lion/lioness/sabrecat panther (“Yes you may use my Lions and other big cats as long as proper credit is given”) in his mod Prides of Skyrim by Frankthefish

42) Dragonfire (Dragon de Feu)
43) Guar

Thanks to mdogger » for the mesh/textures of the guar

44) Wild Cat
45) Wild Boar

Thanks to GSC Gameworld for the meshes/textures of Wild Cat and Wild Boar

46) Triceratops

Thanks to Mr. Siika for the original mesh and Ghogiel for the original texture
Thanks to StarX for the replacement mesh and textures (“yes, you can use them.”)
Skyrim Monster Mod Tritop Replacer by "StarX"

47) Hyena
48) Therium
49) Raptor

Thanks to muppetpuppet for the Hyena,Therium, Raptor, textures and meshes (“yes use everything you want”)
The meshes/textures 43) to 49) can be found in the mod Skyrim Monster Mod (Thanks to Dogtown1)

50) Death Angel (Reaper Spirit) (« Wisp race ») If your mount disappears(with impossibility to dismount): Zoom out with the scroll Wheel or FAST TRAVEL
51) Vampire Lich (« dragon priest race »)
52) Roach (« Frostbitespider race »)
53) Shark (« slaughterfish race »)

Thanks to Dogtown1 for the meshes/textures of these 4 créatures (50 to 53) in his mod Skyrim Monster Mod (smm) by "Dogtown1"

54) "Kong" (imga)
55) Sload
56) River Crab
57) Forest Spider

Thanks to muppetpuppet" for the ”Kong” (imga), “River Crab”, "Forest Spider" et “Sload” textures and meshes in his mod Moonpath to Elsweyr (Nexus)
Moonpath to Elsweyr (Workshop)

58) Cats (Chats) (4)
59) Dogs (Chiens) (2)

These cats/dogs can be found in the mod Pets of Skyrim Thanks to Qasiermo and Hissssa for the meshes/textures ("He is impossible to get in touch with atm, but his readme says its is a modders resource. So give him all credits")
Pets of Skyrim
Hissssa blog

60) Fire Icewraith
61) Magic Anomaly
62) Green Atronach
63) Spectral Dog
64) Spectral Draugr

This mod only uses the textures of the game -except for Sabrecats and the creatures of the smm , moonpath and pets of skyrim -

Prides of skyrim,smm, pets of skyrim and moonpath are not required

LOCATION OF THE MOUNTS: Whiterun Stables (Ecuries de Blancherive) and around the Pelagia Farm (Ferme de Pelagia), the Chillfurrow Farm (Ferme de Sillonfrais) and the Honningbrew Meader (Hydromellerie d’Hydronning)


You have to take out your weapon then left click on the mouse to move forward faster with the Giant

DO NOT GO DOWN (E key) when you are running fast (4 legs) with the Werewolf, the Guar and the Raptor....A solution: mount again and QUICKLY TYPE THE KEYS Z (W ?), E and ALT

If you dismount in the water with the Chicken or the Bunny, it is possible to swim in the air !! Solution: MOUNT AGAIN or SPACEBAR

When you get off Drago you can get stuck between his wing and torso

If you have any problem with these mounts, you can try a FAST TRAVEL...

Sur le site

Russian version 2.2 Modgames

Chinese Site Skycitizen
and 3dmgame

链接 version 2.7 密码:7482

Japanese Site 2game

Fan site Fansite Blog Dragonporn

Possible retexture


Slofs Skeevers by AlienSlof


TheWinterhawks Dog Retex - Spots

Slofs Dogs by AlienSlof

All Dogs Retexture

Dogs ReTexture


Fox textures by Qualmeru

Real Red Fox


CRO White Wolf and Astarcis Wolf Textures


HD Bunnies Rabbits with Different Shades by Chocolambot


Benjamin318s Chicken Retexture

High Res Chicken Texture


Better Goats by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere


Cow Retexture

Cows of Skyrim


Werewolf retextures

Werewolf reskin


Scary Draugr Retexture

A Draugr Retexture Pack

Gory Draugr - Retexture mod

Draugr retexture by JazzJR

A Draugr Retexture


Spriggan Retexture of Awesome


Skeleton retexture by JazzJR

Darker looking Skeletons

Dragon Priest

More beautiful Dragonpriest

Dragon Priests Masks and Hoods Retexture

Dragonpriest Black-Red Retexture


Dragon Textures Enhanced

Bellyaches New Dragon Species and Ohdaviing Replacer


Flame and Frost Atronach Textures for Automatic Variants


Vandr Presents - HD Mudcrabs

hd mudcrab re texuture

Many Creatures...


Bellyaches Animal Pack by Bellyache

Cuter Animal Retextures Automatic Variants

HD Animal Retexture



In French (Début et de 2'27'' à 11'55''):


With my mods, you have other Fully Flyable Mounts!

7 Fully Flyable Mounts with the version 1.5.1 of Monster Mounts Dawnguard :
Chaurus Hunter, Chaurus Hunter Fledgling, Soul Wisp, Death Wing, Red Naga, Swamp Naga, Skeleton Mistman

9 Fully Flyable Mounts with the version 2.6 of Monster Mounts Dragonborn :
Bone Storm, Ash Guardian, Aazidal, Dukaan, Seeker, Netch, Flying Shoggoth, Spectral Dragon, Flying Scrib

6 Fully Flyable Mounts (Blood/Reptilian/Pebbled/Swamp/Peat Bog Chaurus Hunters + Flying Scrib) in
Fully Flying Chaurus Hunters

And 45 Dragons in my mod Fully Flying Dragons

This mod is also on the Workshop/Steam

->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->My Mods<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-

Only on the Workshop: Ravens and Co - Mounts and Followers

You can also choose to replace "Ravens and Co - Mounts and Followers" by adding my 3 mods: Griffins Mounts and Armies , Incarnate Avians and Ravens Mounts and Followers

(Improved and enhanced versions)