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This mod changes some of the default monsters with much more scarier foes! Yes I think you all know what I mean...Now you can have a intense battle with some of your worst enemy\'s from minecraft!

Permissions and credits
Changes the default draugr to a much more exciting enemy to face off. Yes, you all know what I'm talking about I replaced the default Draugr with the zombie's from Minecraft!

Changes the defauly giant to a much more exciting enemy to face off. Yes, you all know what I'm talking about I replaced the defauly Giant with Herobrin from Minecraft

Now you can have a face off some of your must profound enemy's from minecraft and finally show them who's the boss!

I would like to thank Notch for the creation of Minecraft and the inspiration I got from Minecraft to make this mod.

If you find this mod boring,weird,dumb,ext then please don't write a bad comment. Litteraly if you dont think minecraft is cool and you find that adding minecraft to skyrim is just dumb. Just keep it to yourself and move along! I worked hard on this mod and there is no point for some stranger to hate on my mod just because they hate minecraft!

Thanks for everything :D


(Whats in this mod right now!)
1.Draugr's replaced by Minecraft Zombies.
2.Giant's replaced by Minecraft Herobrin

Because of some glitchy thing with steam and its creation editor I had to upload my file to nexus. Although you will have to download it from them please favorite me here and rate me as well for my hard work :)

Once you download the zip file extract it to anywhere on your computer. Then take the esp file and place it in skyrim/data/ and your done!!!



This is the "Blood Mod" I use in the pictures.


(UPDATE 1.1)

This is the second update of my mod and it includes.

1.Draugr's replaced with minecraft zombies.
2.Giant's replaced with minecraft herobrin
3.Giant's and Herobrin have their own scripting for attacking,Inventory,Attack Data,

(UPDATE 1.0)

This is the first update of my mod and it includes.

1. Draugr replaced with minecraft zombies.
2. Zombies being able to cast spells.
3. Zombies have their own script for attacking.