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Lake Ilialta Expanded V1.5

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Expands the beautiful lake of Inialta and surrounding forests with much more details and gives a feeling of wilderness. It looks like a lake in alpine areas (like my place). Provides some stunning views, near shoreline or within the lush pine forests. Take a minute and get some rest before you will go on in your adventures through skyrim.

Note: V1.2 is not compatible with the DLC Hearthfire. The trees may be a problem for the player house, which can be bought in Falkreath.

For Compatability choose the V1.3 File, available within this Mod.

For Compatability with Oakwood choose the V1.5 File, available within this Mod.

More Details will follow. Should be combined with Grass Mods (more Grass, Glorious Grass). Enjoy!!


-Lake Inialta (Rocks, Dead Trees, Grass, Flowers)
-Forests around the Lake (Rocks, Trees, Flowers,Stumps,Animals)
-Waterfalls towards Riverwood (Better Animated,Rocks,Dead Trees)
-Part of River flowing to Riverwood (better Animated,Rocks,Trees)

Take also a look @ my other mod: Riverwood Expanded V1.2 (Covers Riverwood itself,River from Lake Inialta,almost down into the flat area of Whiterun). This is actually the continuation of the Lake Inialta mod.

Both Mods fit together but can also be installed seperately.

Have Fun.