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Last updated at 8:18, 19 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 13:40, 10 Jul 2012

This mod adds three Jarrin Root plants to the Dawnstar Sanctuary behind the Alchemy Table. I've placed them here because this ingredient is capable of making the most powerful poison possible. And deadly poisons belong to the Dark Brotherhood. A total of six Jarrin Roots can be harvested per week. You can also find seven Jarrin Roots hidden in the sanctuary.
In the latest update, I have added several Jarrin Root plants across Skyrim. These may be hard to find, because I want them to stay rare and hard to get. The first two can be found very close to the Abandoned Shack. This is so that at the start of the DB questline, you have access to powerful poison. I've also added a quest. This quest may have bugs. But it should work. To start the quest, you must find a hidden note in the Dawnstar Sanctuary, but this may be hard to find. Otherwise, speak to Ri'zaar in the Winking Skeever in Solitude. Because I don't have voice actors, Ri'zaar has no voice, but you can read the subtitles. To find the unique enemy, you must travel the path from Solitude to Dragon Bridge.

Please report bugs!

One of the pictures shows a picture of a potion made with 100 Alchemy skill, a Jarrin Root, a Crimson Nirnroot and Glow Dust. This creates the most powerful poison, and it would even be better when equiping items with the +29% Alchemy Enchantment.

Current features:
- 3 Jarrin Root plants in the Dawnstar Sanctuary
- 10 Jarrin Roots in the Dawnstar Sanctuary
- 2 Jarrin Root plants at the Abandoned Shack
- 8 Jarrin Root plants hidden across the world (look below for hints to find them!)
- A quest to win 10 Jarrin Roots.
- A powerful enemy who carries two Jarrin Roots

Future Updates:
- bugfixes

If you have any suggestions, tell me in the comments!

Locations of hidden Jarrin Roots:
- Abandoned Shack
- Solitude Docks
- Helgen Execution Site
- Jorrvaskr Backyard
- Whiterun Watchtower
- Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (outside)
- At the Katariah
- Kynesgrove Burial Site
- Destroyed part of Winterhold