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Sorry for my English.

"Leveled Craft Skills" is a mod that makes Alchemy, Smithing and Enchanting skills depend on Player level.

At Player level < 20 Craft Skills can be 30 max, for further growth Player must reach level 20;

at Player level 20-29 Craft Skills can be 40 max;

at Player level 30-39 Craft Skills can be 60 max;

at Player level 40-49 Craft Skills can be 80 max;

at Player level 50 all limits removed.

When skill growth limit is reached(appears in magic Effects) teacher's services for limited skill are useless - they take your money, try to teach you, but nothing happens :-)

It provides not-too-fast leveling of your character on crafting and challenging gameplay at level 30+.

Also, Fortify Alchemy effect is not Restoration-related anymore. For the Great Justice.

Mod doesn't require to start new game, but created especially for low-level characters.

Tested at 1.5.26, no any script extension needed.
Nice compatible with other difficulty mods.

Known issue - on first run it's good to save the game and load from this save.

Mod is completely safe: on uninstall all effects limiting your skills just disappear - i didn't use any scripting. It's just a magic!