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Adds craftable Aztec weapons, included in the current version are:

Macahuitl (ma-ka-wit-'l), a sword-analogue weapon in the form of a solid-wood club lined with sharp obsidian blades. Used like a sword it had great cutting power, with the weight of the club enhancing the damage.

Huey Macahuitl (wey ma-ka-wit-'l), a greatsword variant of the above. Not its historic name, as far as I can tell so far there was no "official" name for it. For sake of in-game clarification I've added the Nahuatl word for "Great" to it to make this distinction.

Huitzauqui (wit-zaw-kwi), similar to the one-handed Macahuitl, but with outward facing blades as opposed to the parallel rectangular ones.

Tecpatl (tec-pat-'l), a small obsidian dagger. A useful sidearm, but more often used by priests in ceremonies.

Chimalli (chi-malli), a basic Aztec shield made of wood or woven maize cane with a painted front.

Macana (Ma-ka-na), a short-sword equivalent of the Macahuitl. Much faster but also slightly weaker. The weapon's name is actually of TaĆ­no origin and was used all across Central and South America.

Jaguar Knight armour, the Jaguar Knights were an elite section of Aztec warriors. Often the military ranks were divided based upon how many captives the individuals had taken in battle.
The Jaguar Knights were approximately equivalent in honour to the Eagle Knights.
(Current armour in set: Helmet, Armour).

Keep checking for more updates!

These weapons are currently crafted under the Steel smithing menu and require Refined Malachite, Leather Strips and Firewood, amounts depending on the weapon.
Upgrades require Refined Malachite and Leather Strips.

p.s. If you are familiar with Aztec history and culture or have good knowledge of the Nahuatl language please tell me if I make any errors. I'd like this mod to be as historically accurate as I possibly can. :]