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Model training Hat Inspired from Ragnarok Online

Permissions and credits
The book is for Posture and the Apple for Dexterity.

There's an Enchanted and a non enchanted one, use the one you prefer.
Enchanted one gives +50 magicka and increased bow damage.
Non Enchanted one is craftable at smithing forge with a red apple and Troll Slaying book.
The enchanted one is on a table in Whiterhold Arcanaenum

Open the archive and copy its content to Skyrim\data\
Activate ModelTrainingHat.est with your favorite mod manager.

To uninstall, remove the following files:
Skyrim\data\Meshes\0hai\Model Training Hat
Skyrim\data\Textures\0hai\Model Training Hat

Both can also be created using additem command.
open console with ` and type
help training 4
Locate Armo: Model Training Hat
and use player.additem with their respective ID

Model Training Hat - xx000d63
Model training Hat (E) - xx0012C9

(E) stands for Enchanted

The Apple model and Texture were taken from SMIM which you can (should) download here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/8655 Thanks to Brumbek for letting me use it.
The Book is a vanilla book with new UV and texture file.
The leaf and page holder were made by myself.

If you want to translate this mod in your language, please add Credits and keep the link to SMIM.