Cerebral Den by Christopher Ivey
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Winner of the Skyrim Real Estate Challenge
Also available on Steam Workshop

Cerebral Den was built for the underground homes challenge on Skyrim Real Estate. The home includes three bedrooms, a forge, a lab, two storage closets, a storage room, a training room, an indoor garden, a kitchen, library, dining area, and entrance hall. (Talk about a mouthful!)

The entrance to this home is right behind the Whiterun Stables, so I didn't feel a map marker was really needed. It's a short walk, about the same as walking from the gates of Whiterun to your local Breezehome. (Except my home is much cooler.)

For people running ENB
Without ENB, Cerebral Den already has a somewhat dark setting, and ENB apparently makes it hard to see. For this reason, jacktthompson made an optional file, and I've gone ahead and included it. It'll make things brighter, if you think it's currently too dark.

He tested it using Project ENB

Bug Reports and Bug Fixes
Version 1.0a:
Fixed - Beds would not give "well rested" bonus. Now they do.
Fixed - Fixed light shining into one of the closets. Didn't make sense.
Version 1.0b:
Fixed - Navmesh wasn't finalized, creating companion hell. Should be good now.

Manual Installation Instructions:
You'll need to unpack CerebralDen.rar with some sort of tool, although I've found that WinRAR works best. (They say their trial version is only for forty days, but I've been using it for several years without being asked to actually buy it.)

Once you've unpacked it, just dump Cerebral Den.esp and Cerebral Den.bsa into your local steamapps/common/skyrim/data directory. I'd go ahead and keep the readme, just in case.

Credits (Resources Used):
I'd like to credit Darkrider for his Celtic Decor resource, Oaristys for his Modder's

Resource pack, and Blary for a couple of resources of his. (Open books, to name one, but

there are other resources of his that I used.)

Also, would like to credit Rayek, as Rayek's End gave me a few ideas for the lab.