Snorri Bear Follower by Haishao
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This is a simple bear Follower that I have made by following a tutorial on Youtube.

Version 1.1
I'm a noob and forgot to include Scripts. so new version have script included

The bear is named Snorri and he is found near the Talos Statue just south west of Windhelm.
I created him bracers made with parts of Steel boots, which is useful to identify him. They may clip a bit through his paws though in certain positions.
Armor on the bracers is 20, and they have no enchantment.

The file was zipped using 7-zip 9.20


Extract the files and copy the Meshe and Scripts folders and BearFollower.esp to:

If you want the Essential version of the follower instead, use the esp from Essential folder.

Activate the ESP with your favorite manager.

To uninstall, delete BearFollower.esp
and folder: \Data\Meshes\0hai\BearBracers


This mod use only modified vanilla Skyrim assets.
Special thanks to SpiralDynasty on youtube for his tutorial