Solitude Proudspire Manor Basement Remodel by RockBeatsAirbender
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Added: 09/07/2012 - 07:52AM
Updated: 12/12/2012 - 01:07PM

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Last updated at 13:07, 12 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 7:52, 9 Jul 2012

This mod takes out some of the useless clutter in Proudspire Manor's basement. The cooking fire is replaced with a forge and the room with the bedroll is cleared and now has an armor workbench, smith's wheel, and tanning rack. Also, the basement entryway now has four weapon plaques (two on each side) and nine more in the newly cleared room along with a second weapons rack. The enchanting room now holds a smelter and two more plaques above the enchanting station. This was all done without changing the floor-plan or moving any of the existing crafting stations, bookcases or other furniture aside from the room with the junk and bedroll.

Unpack and drop the .esp file into your Data folder of the Skyrim directory. When the launch menu comes up, go to Data Files, check the file and you're gtg.

Delete the .esp from your Data folder, then unpack the new version into the Data folder, or just drop the .esp into the Data folder and make sure it's checked in the Data Files section of the startup menu.

Delete the .esp file from your Data folder and thats it.

-If you' re adding this mod after purchasing decorations, or if you have updated from a previous version of this mod (1.0 OR 1.1), then you may see a third mannequin the left of the one in the corner (the "original" mannequin). Provided the mannequin has no armor, put some armor on the new mannequin and restart Skyrim a once (maybe twice). The broken one should disappear. Also, the new one dances until you activate him (I have no idea how to turn that off, but I thought it was kind of funny... lol). In version 1.3 I'm going to add either a few more mannequins or display cases in that spot, depending on what is in demand... so leave comments telling me a preference :)

-If you're adding this mod after purchasing decorations, or if you have updated from a previous version of this mod, your plaques in the enchanting room may be funky. To fix this, remove both shields and all swords from the plaques in the corner above the enchanting table, and remove whatever you had hanging on the plaque behind the smelter (previous mod versions only). Then restart Skyrim and the problem should be fixed.

Fixed Issues

-Clicking either the forge or the anvil now brings up the crafting menu
-The mannequin that didn't work now works and dances (see above "Issues" for bugs).