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*****1.4 lives! updated to 1.9.32****
*****No Scripts, No Worries!!!!****

A lot of NPC's in the mod i did not take a shot just for your suspense and excitement. lol

Skyrim Fearless Encounter 1.0
Skyrim Fearless Encounter 1.1
-remove steam effects from Whiterun and Markarth Sentinel
-few corrections
Skyrim Fearless Encounter 1.2
-added Crooks (Thieves) mostly in interiors.
-minor fix to Thor the follower
Skyrim Fearless Encounter 1.3
-More Hordes
-Some fixes
Skyrim Fearless Encounter 1.4
-updated to version 1.9.32

My English is not too good, please correct my grammar if there's an error.

Aim is to develop more intense and tough battles and confrontation across Skyrim.

What to expect:
-Random hostiles will hunt and attack you at any time in any cell.
-Many hostiles (i call it Angry Mobs but they are Draugers) will
attack Whiterun in the outside near stable randomly.
-Now, hordes assault in every other towns too in random time and day. (1.3)
-Some Hostiles and Allies wanders around Skyrim.
-Mighty guardians guards in every Town for protection, i call them Sentinel.
-Unique AI routines
-HORDES outbreak!

++++Necklace of Numinous..........Regenerates health, magicka and stamina. can be looted in
chest but you have to defeat the enemy first (Abominar). or forge thru Skyforge only.
++++Greatsword of Knockback.........Knocks your enemy and burns the target. Take the Sword
from Skyforge in the floor. Optional, disenchant and apply it to your favorite weapon.

-NMM or Manual
-For updating to newer version just DOWNLOAD and OVERWRITE.

Please be reminded that some NPC that carries some quest may get killed because of some aggresive hostiles. Use the console to revive (highly recommended)
I made some essential NPC exterior only in every towns but not all.

Acknowledge the presence of other mods installed:
-Omegared99 armor compilation - Recommended
-Boss - Highly Recommended for your correct load order
-Lore Friendly Darksiders War Armor Weapons
-Heart of Thunder - Lore Friendly Thor Armour and Hammer
-Cloaks of Skyrim
-Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel Weather Lighting
-WIS Lore Friendly
-Monster Wars
-Deadly Dragons

Update but not regularly.

Please endorse and thank you for downloading...