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Last updated at 14:55, 14 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 20:39, 8 Jul 2012

After my lovely wife saw the slof's horses, she wanted them. But ... uuhm ... no, not as a replacer for the horse-textures, it had to be new rideables :)
So this mod just adds 13 unique horses - this is no texture replacer.

The horses are..
- cowardly,
- essential,
- invul,
- player owned
- won't run to their home after dismount,
- ridable (how surprising ;) )
and have vanilla speed to avoid CTDs.
Furthermore they are based on the standard horse race so
all AI-Changing Mods should apply to them too.

I suggest the "Horse Whisper" so you easily get your horse back when this cowardly freckle runs away.

Another really great mod working (except the "Set horse Armor Part" - horse will become invisible) is the Convenient Horses by Alek.

No - this horse-textures are not highres and as far as I know they will never be.


When you got an older Version of the horses, please deinstall the old one; I'm not sure that updating works.

Easiest way to (de)install is to use the ModManager.

Manual Install:
Extract the contents of the archive anywhere and copy the data-folder into your skyrim-directory.

Manual Uninstallation:
delete the folder
and after that the file

and you are done.

there are two esp files:
the standard "MennoHorses.esp" which gathers all horses at Riverwood and the optional "MennoHorses_Spread_Horses.esp" (the horses are spread around the map).
To use the Spreaded-Version copy the MennoHorses_Spread_Horses.esp from the "OPTIONS"-Directory to your Data-Folder.
After starting up the Skyrim-Launcher make sure that only one mennoHorses*.esp is checked (alternatively delete the mennoHorses.esp to be safe).
Have Fun :)

It makes use of the resources from AlienSlof ( )
e7seif unique horses ( )

Version 1.1
- added optional esp for spreading the horses
- added 4 new horses
- spread-version horses are located
-- "Bay" somewhere at the Whiterun Stables
-- "Winter" somewhere at Rorikstead
-- "Blackberry" near Dragon Bridge
-- "Roanie" Katla's Farm at Solitude
-- "Buck" near Windhelm Stables
-- "Cappucino" Riften Stables
-- "Copper" and "Grey" Markarth Stables
-- "Kiger" in Ivarstead
-- "Fox" Pelagia Farm
-- "Sabino" Battle-Born Farm
-- "Strawberry" Loreius Farm

Version 1.0
- added some horses, round up at Riverwood