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Name: Tarya Stormborn
Version: 1.0
Date: 2012/08/07

------------------- [This is what? ] -----------------------

Another mod made from presets of my chars - tha last one for now I guess (no more NPC presets left)))
Tarya Stormborn is a Nord.
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Dark
Class: Sorcerer. I was eager to have the real master of sword and magic near my hero
Specialization; Destruction, Illusion
Calculated Level 15 to 70
Reference ID 02000D64
Essential and also can be married.
Initial Armor: Ancient Nord Heavy Armor
Initial Weapon: Ancient Nord Sword


Silverdrift Lair near Windhelm. You won`t miss her when you come there

------------------- [Install] -----------------------
Please copy and overwrite in the \ Skyrim DATA folder
NMM is recommended.
Put the checkmark at the SNTarya.esp in your launcher or NMM

Just delete the esp.file to uninstall the mod

ATTENTION! Before deleting mod you must "dismiss" Tarya else you won`t be able to hire another companion, custom or vanila!

------------------- [Requirements] -----------------------

Other mods you need for proper appearance

Better Females by Bella
The Eyes Of Beauty
RANs Eyebrow Replacer
RANs Eyeliner Replacer
UNP Female Body
VAnilla Skin Texture v1-8

All cheers and credits to the modders whose mods are mentioned above!

------------------- [Licensing / Legal] -------------
Feel free to modify, reuse or reupload just give me credit.
Thank Bethesda for a great game