Woodland Sanctuary by Countercruel
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Added: 08/07/2012 - 03:15PM
Updated: 09/07/2012 - 10:45PM

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Last updated at 22:45, 9 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 15:15, 8 Jul 2012

This mod is a total combination of effort and knowledge from me previous mods,combined into one makes this mod, i have spent alot of time fine tuning this to be as bug free as possible. Along with the help of SaioTV which it was originaly designed for as a request, turned out to be something more and i had to finish and released this amazing island.

For those who cant crack the clue note. there is a chest underneath the waterfall around the island with the key to the gate in it.

-Designed for lore friendly players only and does not feature mannequins at this present time

-Lore friendly!

-Blacksmithy tools are all on the island

-Alchemy and echancting tower

-Hand crafted island set in the middle of Riverwood lake

-Whiterun feel adds a touch of rememberence to the island for a more lore feel

-Ingredient room for picking herbs and plants

-Training dummies and arrow targets on the island!

-House consists of a peaceful atmosphere with tons of neat loot to grab!

-Optimised for many mods including my own.

-Custom lod

-Comes with my bird sounds too!

V1.0 Release
V1.1 New waterfall with sounds a splashes, and new details such as pickaxe in the rocks and a spare axe on the chopping block for your convenience.
-New blacksmith sign
-Balcony area added next to the main gate
-Fixes some bugs and optimised area
-45% navmesh complete for followers
-Added quick travel to the house
-Scafolding roofs added to towers
-new lookout point added in the fortress
-bug fixes 55% navmesh complete
v1.22.1 Added a trapdoor underneath the bed to quickly get in and out of the house from the gates, and removed house fast travel
-Added docks
-Adjusted waterfall
-Added a Spa!
-Increased performance!
-fixed navmesh inside
-added mara shrine path
-added more detail
-revamped undertower garden
-fixed some bugs
-added small ponds
-added insects
-updated walkway's
-increased performance

To many of my fans and Saio for keeping me pushing foward for a well made mod

Thumbnails by SIAOTV and screenshots by COUNTERCRUEL