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Last updated at 2:31, 22 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 0:02, 7 Jul 2012

This is more of a splurge mod. It gives you:
Blacksmith, Smelter, Grindstone, Workbench, Tanning Rack, Mannequins, Weapon and Shield Racks, Alchemy and Enchanting Table, Chests, and Bookshelves (shelves are special made, see below).


- Assuming you've purchased the alchemy section of your house, the chest and bookshelf there have been deleted from my mod. So be sure to remove the items before activating this mod.
- Not HearthFires compatible. I recommend my rebuilt basement mod:


Mod Download Locations
Skyrim Nexus (secret door): Breezehome Basement Utilities and More
Steam Workshop (regular doors): Breezehome Basement Utilities and More
Steam Workshop (secret door): Breezehome Basement Utilities More Secret


The shelves are built around another mod I came across and really enjoyed.

This mod is not included in my mod, but is required to have working shelves.

They can be found here:

Steam Workshop: Unlimited Bookshelves
Skyrim Nexus: Unlimited Bookshelves

I've notice one of those paper notes just pop right out the end of one of the shelves and if you don't pick it up before reactivating the shelf, then it'll be deleted. I would try to keep notes between books, just in case.


Cloak Display:
You'll see a few mannequins with their back to you, they are there to display any cloaks you have.

These are some cloak mods I've come across:

Skyrim Nexus: Cloaks of Skyrim
Skyrim Nexus: Steel Soldiers with Cloaks
Steam Workshop: Steel Soldiers with Cloaks
Skyrim Nexus: Winter is Coming Cloaks


Trap Door:
I added a trap door between the blacksmith and smelter as an option for escape. It'll take you to a little broken down farm house behind Pelagia's farm. It has also been marked on your map.


- I had to put the basement itself into a different cell, because problems were occurring where they shouldn't have. I only mention it because I've read that some people enjoy having it all in one cell, but Breezehome apparently is haunted... :)
- When I make my mods I test the lighting while using the following mod: Realistic Lighting and Customization (Skyrim Nexus)


- Edit description to show that I have a HearthFires' compatible basement mod.
- No actual 1.5 file.

- Altered the navmesh a bit to keep the followers aways from the downstairs area and in turn keeps them from getting stuck.

- Made the zone a "NoResetZone." Sorry about problems this may have caused previously.

- Added some pegs at the end of the shelves and other minor adjustment with the shelves.
- Added a wardrobe near the enchanting table.
- Changed name of map marker from "Breezehome Basement Backdoor" to "Breezehome Backdoor."

- Added trap door between blacksmith and smelter.
- Adjustments with bookshelves to get the books to rest better on the shelves.
- Adjustment of ceiling tiles.
- Added collision marker between mannequin display area to prevent people from getting stuck back there.

- Original mod.