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Last updated at 14:58, 15 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 20:21, 6 Jul 2012

Update to Version 5:

This is my update to version 5.
Whats New ?
Fixes a big problem with respawning containers. Some of you lost their items out of some containers. Hope this update will prevent this now as the Basement is a "No Reset Zone", now.
Made the Basement more sielnt again and removed the animals and changed them to some little Skeletons. (I personally like them). Also this annoying breathing from the dragonpriest is gone.
Added two more rooms. A study room and a room for followers.
Added a place to store all 9 Cityshields in a nice way i think.
If you just want to update from an older version you only need to download the "Update file" and extract the contents of the file in your skyrim folder. Overwrite the files if you´re asked for. Nothing should happen to your inventory you´ve already placed in the basement. But i recommend to make a save outside the basement.


A Basement in Breezehome for presenting your treasures.
I´ve added some special storage possibilities like a shelf for scrolls or a some special holders for Staffs.
Just activate Meridias Statue with a Sctaff equipped and see what happens.
Take a look at all items because it could be an activator. ;-)
A guard will take care of your treasures while your gone.
It is follower friendly now and with "UFO" installed your follower will interact with the environment. Enchanting, Crafting, Smithing .....
And lots more .....

Please add suggestions or things you would like to see.
Criticism and endorsements are both welcome. So don´t hesitate to comment.


To use my mod with all its features its strictly necessary to install two further mods.

Unlimited Bookshelves by da5id2701
General Stores - storage resource for packrats by Harvey2112

If you are already using one of the mods, I would recommend to download and install the Main File. This one contains only my mod.

If you don´t use any of the mentioned mods, you should download the optional file. This one contains all mods in one package.

  1. Download the file you need.
  2. Extract the contents of the Data folder to your Skyrim directory.
  3. Activate "GeneralStores.esm" "UnlimitedBookshelves.esp" "zzzbasement.esp"
  4. Start your game and have fun.


  • 12 Mannequins and Plenty of Weapon Racks.
  • 4 Barrels acting as Staff holder.
  • 4 Shelfs (I use them as Scroll holder or Soul Gems shelf)
  • lots of Special Bookshelfs. (take a look at the screenshots)
  • Special Places to place and show your potions, Diamonds, Necklaces, Rings .... (take a look at the screenshots)
  • 3 Crates where everything can be placed in.
  • Dragonpriestmasks Display
  • DragonClaw Stand
  • Crafting area
  • A Guard
  • A little helper
  • etc....

Known bugs:

The Konahriik Mask cannot be seen if placed on the Display. No solution yet. Mask is not gone. Can be taken back, but not seen.


Greatest Credits to Rayek for inspiring me to do that. Please check his Hideout. You will love it.

General Stores - storage resource for packrats by Harvey2112

Oaristys´ Modders Ressource Pack. Thanks for that great meshes. Checking every day for a new release.

Darkrder´s Celtic Decor for Skyrim I Thanks for that great paintings.

OpenBooks Resource by Blary

Required files:

To have the possibility to put anything else than books on a shelf, i recommend Unlimited Bookshelves by da5id2701
and General Stores - storage resource for packrats by Harvey2112


4.0 Completely revised Basement without conflicts but new features.

3.0 Final Release
Only finetuning or bugfixes will happen in the future. Maybe a unique player home.
But first i wanna play and use a bit my mod.

2.0 Next Release
No Bugs so far. Added a new room for a Dragonmaskdisplay and special storages again.
More to come !

1.0 Initial Release
Bugs: One WeaponRack in each row is buggy. Will be fixed with version 1.1

Bugfixes: One of the weaponracks in each row was buggy. It wasn´t possible to get the weapon back in the inventory
Added a new Version 1.1
The Weapon Rack Bug is fixed now.
For all those who already placed weapons at the buggy weapon rack, don´t worry.
The weapon is not gone. Just place a new weapon at the same rack because it tells you to activate instead of taking the weapon. When you did that, you can take both weapons back in your inventory.
Sorry for that bug and thanks again to kenz088 for letting me know.

Version 1.2:
It is possible that you are experiencing a bug with the newest Skyrim Version loaded.
Mannequins are invisible maybe but it is possible to activate und to equip.
Maybe this update will help.