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Adds missing lights to Braziers, Sconces, etc.
Fixes misplaced light sources.

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Mod status update: Currently no longer being worked on. The mod is really outdated now, and other lighting mods have more or less made it obsolete.

Volrath Enhanced Lights and Fixes (VELF)

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Volrath Enhanced Lights and Fixes primary aim is to add missing lights to light sources, as well as adjusting vanilla light placements, etc. to better reflect the light source giving of the light.
VELF also adds fire damage to fires that can be stood in, for a more immersive experience.
Currently VELF's secondary aim is to add extra light sources to better enhance the night time experience (Though nothing overboard). Currently VELF only adds 5 new light sources, these being 4 lanterns in Whiterun and 1 lantern in Solitude.

Current plans for next update
Add more missing lights to candles.
NB. This is likely to take quite a lot of time. The reason being the shear amount of candles I have to go through, plus I have to make sure I don't create any lighting glitches. So I may end up doing this over several updates.

Add light sources to lights that have no apparent light source.

Adding anything I may have missed :)

Nexus Mod Manager
Download and activate via the Nexus Mod Manager.

Nexus Mod Manager
Deactivate via the Nexus Mod Manager.

Mod Requirements/Loading Order
Non-RCRN Version
No extra mods required.

RCRN Version
RCRN required -
Load after RCRN

Lanterns Of Skyrim Non-RCRN Version
Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main ESM file + A Lanterns Of Skyrim Preset of your choice required -

Lanterns Of Skyrim RCRN Version
RCRN required -
Load after RCRN
Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main ESM file + A Lanterns Of Skyrim Preset of your choice required-

Differences between RCRN and Non-RCRN versions
Currently the only difference between the 2 versions is that the RCRN version has RCRN set as a dependency, as to maximise compatibility with RCRN. However the Non-RCRN version can still be used with RCRN, in which case just load it before RCRN.

Lanterns Of Skyrim versions
I've made 2 versions with Lanterns Of Skyrim dependency, for those who would like their Lanterns Of Skyrim Preset to effect the lanterns I've added to VELF. Obviously Mannygt's Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One, is required for these 2 versions.

Version History
- Added fixes from my Dragonreach Brazier fix mod
- Added fire damage to the fire pit in the guard courtyard, in Solitude
- Added fire damage to the fire pit in Dragonsreach
- Added fire, smoke, and light to the brazier that has none; at the gate leading up to Whiterun. Also adjusted the light placement of the light for the opposite brazier (I found the vanilla placement was off), and changed it so it casts light on terrain.
- Added more missing lights to various locations
- Added some missing light sources, in places where there was a light that had the characteristics of candle etc. but no candle etc was present.
- Tweaked some vanilla light placements
- Removed 3 lights I added to Solitude, as they were causing some lighting glitches. The lights in question were the 2 at the braziers, at the top of the ramp leading up to the forge. The other was a cooking fire, located in the outdoor courtyard of the Bards College. NOTE: For those that either didn't notice them, or weren't bothered by them too much. I've included an optional version/s with them still present.

- Added a missing light in Markarth
- Added missing lights to sconces and braziers throughout Skyrim
- Added missing lights to fire pits throughout Skyrim
- Added missing lights to cooking stones throughout Skyrim
- Added a light so that there is no longer only one light covering both braziers (the first braziers you see once you've entered Whiterun)
- I've also done the same as above to a couple of other places in Whiterun
- Added some missing lights to candles inside dungeons
- Added 4 lanterns to Whiterun
- Added a lantern to the back entrance of The Bards College
- Added fire damage for when standing in fires
- Further light placement tweaks in Whiterun
- Further tweaks to the lights I added to Windhelm
- Fixed a few vanilla lights for light sources, which I noticed weren't casting any light on the terrain.

- Added missing lights to bonfires
- Added missing lights to campfires
- Added missing lights to hearths/fireplaces

Removed RCRN dependency from non-RCRN version in a cleaner way.

- Made some adjustments to the light placements in Whiterun, to better reflect the light source/s which are meant to be giving off the light.
- Slightly tweaked the colour of the street lanterns in Solitude, so that they give off a slightly warmer light
- Added missing lights to braziers in Windhelm

- Added a few missing lights to Braziers and Sconces in Solitude.

Known lighting mod compatibility (Lighting type mods that I've tested Volrath Enhanced Lights and Fixes with)
RCRN - 100% compatible (As of RCRN 3.0.1)

Lanterns of Skyrim - Compatible (As of yet no know compatibility issues)

Claralux V2A - Appears to be compatible (Limited testing by me, but have had no reported issues from users) Note: Volrath Enhanced Lights and Fixes v0.4BETA, adds missing lights to Bonfires. So if you're using Claralux V2A you'll need to disable Claralux's Vanilla Light Fixes, or you'll likely end up with doubling of light sources.

Claralux V3A - Partial compatibility (Through limited testing so far by me, I've noticed Claralux V3A makes alterations to the vanilla lights within the cities. So if you load Claralux V3A after Volrath Enhanced Lights and Fixes, you'll lose the fixes to misplaced vanilla lights in Whiterun. However if you load Volrath Enhanced Lights and Fixes after Claralux V3A, my fixes to misplaced lights will work, but those lights will no longer match the colouring etc. of the vanilla lights altered by Claralux V3A)

- Bethesda for releasing the Creation Kit :)
- The RCRN Team, for creating RCRN, which is what Iighting/weather mod I had installed, when developing Volrath Enhanced Light and Fixes. RCRN
- Mannygt for his Lanterns of Skyrim mod, which heavily inspired the lanterns I added. Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
- kevkas for his suggestions regarding fire damage.

Check out my mod Volrath Dragonreach Braxier Fix, for my completed fixes to the braziers in Dragonreach.