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I\'m not good at English :( ,this is My first Mod.Hope you like it...

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I'm not good at English :( ,this is My first Mod.
I'm try to create a new race with the new RaceAbility.This is the betavertion,Hope you like it...
The race ability info(0_0_4out_fx5):
The Valkyrie Limit:The male actor of this race was disabled.if you build the male actor,this ability will auto open the racemenu,let you rebuild your actor.this ablilty is hide to player.
Sacred:The Valkyrie's power stop you change to the Evil creatures.Let's say bye-bye to Vampire and werewolf(Maybe,I'm not sure that this script will change back you from the werewolf...)
The Valkyrie Songmode:Only one songmode work in a time.
Hymn:Give you some Fire&Frost Resist.and restore your Health by time.
Elegy:Give you some Poison&Disease Resist.and restore your Stamina by time.
Epic:The adv songmode.Give you numerous Damage&Magic Resist.and restore your Health&Stamina by time.Remove Poision&Disease.
Judge: Cast the current songmode of you (except the Adv songmode)and judge the actors around your self.the judge's effect stand by the songmode.

Soul of Fencing:When you equipped with a Sword,You will into the SoulPulse Mode.
SoulPulse:It will Mark the Enemy around you.It have some Specialeffects and give you SoulElement when you attack them.
SoulElement:Increased your Attack Speed.
Conviction:When you have the SoulElement,It will cast the SoulElement and launch with the SoulShockWave.Also,the SoulShockWave can be strengthened by SoulElement.Conviction need equiped with a sword.

2-Hand 10
1-Hand 10
Block 10
HArmor 10
LArmor 10
Speech 10

that's all ,at present.
If I make the Valhalla Mod later,I will add new skills and abilities for this race.

ValkyrieWareHouse v0.0.0
ValkyrieRaceArmor Lady of Battles
BetaVertion ID:XX0063A1
BetaVertion ID:XX0063A2
BetaVertion ID:XX0063A3
BetaVertion ID:XX0063A4
outfit ID:XX00536A
XX is the Order num about this mod

How to Update
You need use the console "showracemenu" cmd to rebuild your actor.
If you delete the old vertion Before you rebuild with the new vertion , the actor well lose the head in the game.don't worry,just use console to rebuild her.
Judge: Now,it's can restore health for the actors who around you and non-hostile.
Epic-Judge: Add a ISM for it.
Fx some wrong words.(Sorry,I'm not good at English very mush)
The Songmode's RestoreEffect work way was changed.It's stand by script now.
Give Hymn stamina restore instead of health.
Add stamina restore for Epic.
Epic Mode has more info on it's tool tip.
Nerf the SongMode's Restore Health Effect.
Add somes of the mods's link and their original author ID/name in the readmefile.thanks for them.
Rebuild the facedata for the preset 3~4...
Remove the MagickaCast for Songmode&Judge,Because they can't works well.
Improve the Judge:
Add a Idle for it,The idle will be played,when you use Judge without draw your weapon.
Add the [Exhausted of Spirit] to restrict the frequency of use.(It's a bit op)
fix the texture folder's name(It named with a wrong word befor)
change the way to pack the datas. - -0
By this way ,Maybe it can fix the problem: which actor's body will lost in some situations.
Because of the permissions,use the Official .tri file instead the .tri which Quote from Pretty Face Mod.
This Mod was based on the ValhallaBaseDef,It defined some FormList in it.
[Exhausted of Spirit]'s work way was changed.
Add Weakness To Shock Resist effect for[Exhausted of Spirit].
Add new RaceAbility
Soul of Fencing:When you equipped with a Sword,You will into the SoulPulse Mode.
SoulPulse:It will Mark the Enemy around you.It have some Specialeffects when you attack them.
Add a new Hairline for the Hairstyle,by this way.I(you...) will not become the shaven head when you equippde a Helmet(At least a little hair...)
PS:you need ues Console to open the racemenu to make this fix become effective.
Fix the Elegy's Judge effect.it's work well now.
Nerf All of the Judge's damage.
Nerf [Soul of Fencing] Lower the probability of Blow fly enemy.
Change the algorithm for [Judge].
Improve the [Soul of Fencing]:
Use mouthValkyriefchargen.tri instead the Official's mouthhumanfchargen.tri,It was fixed Official's mouth morph which match to NO.9 and NO.15 lips.