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Change dozens of hidden settings to any value you want. Make anyone a follower; marry anyone. Summon your follower, whistle for your horse. Add scaled levels of destruction spells and new spells. Change the pacing of the game and the perk schedule. Turn off non-combat skills adding to your level. SO MUCH MORE. Also, ice cream sandwiches.

Permissions and credits
(PLEASE ENDORSE - only 6% of you have?! - click the binocular icon above to track; new updates are crucial - and ask questions / report bugs at )

CRASH-FREE* VERSION UP! Please update to v0.4b
(*relatively - no one's perfect :P )

IMPORTANT #1: *NO*, this will not conflict with ANY other mods, at ALL. You can "comment out" (INI/readme both say how) ANY setting you don't want to use from XSO. You can even use XSO to edit/modularize/customize/peek into/etc. the other mods you're using, because if "verbose" is on (by default in the default INI), XSO will tell you everything it changes, so you'll know what other mods are doing, how much they're doing it by, and you can change what you want or don't about those mods without hurting them. Or don't, and leave that setting out of XSO. .... Other mods declare their own "balanced" values, but you can tweak them here - it won't break or crash those mods. Say you like PISE (I do!), but think the spawning could still be tougher -- you run XSO and it says "Level Spawn Mult changed from 1.2 to 1.0" and you decide to use XSO to change it to 1.5, keeping everything else about PISE intact - now you've made PISE yours, using XSO. Say you have a combat rebalance mod that changes regens, and you like them all except that you think the stamina regen should be higher - comment out the other regen changes in XSO, use XSO to find out what their stam regen is, and tweak it. Problems all solved. XSO makes it all your choice, and should augment your other mods.

IMPORTANT #2: I forgot. I rambled too much in #1 - oh, but I'll remember.

Please don't ask me questions about what my mod will do - download it, read the readme and the INI, THEN ask me. My mod will do just about whatever you want it to do :P I'm working on a lot more.

Some aspects:

General Settings:
  • Horse Speed multiplier
  • Number of Summons, including graduated option
  • Health Regen (zero to whatever)
  • In-combat Regen on/off
  • Magicka Regen
  • In-combat Magicka Regen %
  • Stamina Regen
  • In-combat Stamina Regen %
  • H/M/S gained per Level (V=10)
  • Carry Weight gained per point in Stamina
  • Alchemy skill Potency Multiplier
  • Enchantment skill Potency Multiplier
  • Smithing skill Potency Multiplier
  • Magicka Cost skill Multiplier
  • Dual Cast Effectiveness Multiplier
  • Max Armor % (V=80)
  • Max Magic Resistance % (V=85)
  • Sprint Drain on Stamina
  • Training Cost Multiplier
  • Time Scale
  • Kill Moves On/Off
  • Kill Moves % Odds
  • Decapitation Move % Odds
  • Days for Vendors to Respawn
  • Friendly Hits before Hostile
  • Max Simultaneous Runes
  • Hours for Cell to Respawn (V=240!)
  • Hours for Cleared cell to unClear (V=720!!)
  • Level multiplier for Random Spawns

Oh, but that's just the basic settings. Here's an example of a module, the
PACING module:
  • Non Combat Skills Don't Add to Leveling (on/off)
  • XP to Level Base
  • XP to Level Multiplier
  • Includes pictorial graph and spreadsheet and recommended values
  • Set extra Perks at Char Creation (for slow early level plans)
  • Set base Perks per Level
  • Set level markers for Additional Perks (allowing a curved perk plan)
  • Set bonus Level Mult and Bonus amount (say "3 extra perks every 10 levels")

Special Abilities and Hotkeys (all remappable)
  • CNTL+H: Whistle for your horse, which will actually come RUNNING
  • CNTL+K: Summon your follower, including resurrection - pops in front of you, ready to fight
  • SHIFT+K: Mark your follower (for summoning), in case XSO didn't see him/her, and because now you can:
  • SHIFT+CNTL+K: Make anyone (mostly) your follower! OR your spouse! No multiple followers and some questies won't work (like Jarls), but you can drag that bartender you like out to a fight a dragon. Or marry that hottie bard. BONUS: Dismiss an existing follower and "cast" this on him/her to reset them (often recalc-ing skills/level) and set them as essential!
  • CNTL+O: Add perks to an already-existing character equivalent to what s/he missed out on from your changed values in the INI
  • SHIFT+O: Reset perk count

In the ESPs:
  • Scaled Destruction Spells - now you can use blizzard (crappy version :tongue:) as a novice, or use a godly version of sparks at master. Higher versions of chain lightning jump much further and do more magic damage. Turn people into chickens. Go crazy. (No, seriously, you can change people into a chicken.)
  • Change skill gain rates overall (NOT as a curve change - as a real half-speed/double-speed change)
  • Lower some of the "playstyle" perks to be available at low levels, so you can specialize early and THEN branch out (instead of the other way around like Skyrim encourages).

Coming soon:
  • Alternate Starts: Skip that obnoxious intro. Start as a bandit in a bandit camp; as a necromancer at an underground altar; as a well-established member of the DB or Thieves or College, etc. Working on a few details, but largely done.
  • Necessities (hardcore mode): FNV incorporated a hardcore mode I largely wrote in XFO, and I expanded on it in XFO-NV (see This version is going to incorporate not just hunger and sleep, but a robust "morale" system, as well - never tedious, it should add to RP. Give you a reason to sit in a bar and drink some ale and listen to that bard, or sit in a library and read about the history of magic (if you're a mage) - hell, even random killings well-executed if you're an assassin.
  • New and extended perks. For frustration's and tedium's sakes, I may wait for the CK, but this is BEGGING for some serious work. So many ideas.
  • Experience scalers - probably the next thing to come out. Example: scale from 1 to 5 how chatty people are. Personally, I'm tired of the battle taunting, guard comments, and follower mouthing-off (so I'll set a one) - but for some it adds flavor. Lockpicking is a similar deal. Finding alchemy ingredients is another one.
  • Multiple followers - seriously, I know how, I just need someone to respond to my question on the SD thread about returning hex values properly in my strings.