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Female Muscle Mod for CBBE V3 and UNP body.

Permissions and credits
None of my mods may be used in ANY paid mods, if you have permission to use this mod from me you do NOT have permission to use it in a sale.

Please Note:
I will no longer be updating this mod as there are a number of superior mods available (or that have become available since I created this):

Sporty, Sexy Map by xs2reality -
Battle Hardened Body Mod by Wast1980 -

The latter also contains conversions of Tigersan's Female Muscle Mod for the various body types.

Female Muscle Mod for CBBE V3 and UNP - Version 2.1

I just happen to be a big fan of Tigersan's female muscle mod that was created for the vanilla Skyrim body. Unfortunately the mod was never updated to work with latest body meshes that many people use these days. Alternative mods for both the CBBE and UNP body types didn't give me the ripped look that I was looking for. So I made my own.

In both cases, the starting point was the body mesh, which was sculpted into a high-poly mesh using Blender. XNormal was used to generate the normal map, and some work was done in The Gimp to remove the alpha channel and create mipmaps.

Maps have been sized to 2048x2048 for the body/feet and 2048x1024 for the hands. I have not compressed the maps as it appears DXT* compression introduces some artifacts.

If the neck seam is an issue I recommend the Caliente texture blender tool.


CBBE Version - Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition - CBBE V3:
UNP Version - Dimonized UNP Female Body Mod -


Install CBBE V3 or UNP.
Install the corresponding version of this mod into your Skyrim\Data directory, overwriting all files.


Reinstall CBBE V3 or UNP, overwriting all files.

Update Log

1.0 - First attempt. Please don't be too harsh with your criticism :)
1.1 - Softened abs, some work around the knees.
1.2 - Flared lats, added some asymmetry to abs, some smoothing, fixed bad pixels in normal map.
1.3 - More work, mainly on back.
2.0 - Redid mesh from scratch to allow for adding veins. UNP version added.
2.1 - Some attempt at seam removal, reduced veins, reworked CBBE navel to look better with Navetsea textures.


Tigersan, for coming up with the original concept.
Caliente (CBBE) and Dimon99 (UNP), whose body mods were used as a basis for this mod.
The developers of Blender, XNormal and The Gimp, without which this would not be possible.
Bethesda, for Skyrim.
All the modders out there who have added to the enjoyment of this game.


Feel free to use this normal map. All I ask for is to be credited.
Please DO NOT upload this mod to any other site. The Steam Workshop has some particularly nasty verbiage in their terms and conditions that basically hands over all rights to Valve.