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The demo of the first part of Castlevania mix is out at last. Includes the begining of the full mod's quest with ending at a specific point, the Abandoned Castle from CoD with all it's assets, enemies inspired from the original CoD and a combine system you can use in combine anvils.

Version: 0.3(becaue it's a demo not full yet)
Has the bug fixed updated version now available.

A note for the update:

I want to say that the updated version is in 1.6 update of the game made, so you must have this or any latest update from bethesda. Also, DELETE your old Castlevania Demo and it's bsa to have the bug fixed version working. Also try not to have many mods installed, it worked for many people. If you are still experiencing crashes, it must be a conflict with other mods, try checking with Wrye Smash or any other programm you like.


-Fixed the bugs with Germain not speaking properly or speaking twice.
-Fixed the Skeleton Blazes and their effects.
-Fixed the Important items but not the Hp, Parameter Max Up. They stuck in your inventory but you can drop them. The powers are not dispelling if you do so.
-Fixed the wall section.
-Now we can leave the Abandoned Castle from the elevator. You will be teleported back to Riverwood.
-The rooms are now working properly, so you will not see a floating room.

Author: LordKarnak

Featured in Week 32 weekly mods by MxR:

Before we start, you could watch those videos to have a better idea of what this mod is offering:


And a Spanish walkthrough:

Quest Start Up
Notice that you should be at least at level 15 or higher to overcome the mod even with some potions or healing spells. Travel to Riverwood and search for a golden chest near Riverwood Trader. And don't forget to read the note first before using the ticket or else the quest will be broken and not funcion properly! Also, don't exit manually from German's dialogue because he might not work properly.

-Skeletons(the first enemies in castlevania Curse of Darkness)

-Executioner(the large hammer handed man in the entrance)

-Shadow Knight(the shadow spectres from Lamment of Innocence)

-Fenrir(the demon wolves from Curse of Darkness)

-Necromancer(a difficult mage from Curse of Darkness)

-Wizard(a ghostly mage from Curse of Darkness)

-Skeleton Blaze(a quick version of the skeleton, encountered in Curse of Darkness)

-Knight(an armored knight without body underneath, encountered in Curse of Darkness and Lamment of Innocence)

-Axe Armor(a knight wielding a large axe and a tower shield, seen in LoI)

-Vampires(used in previous version Castlevania Mix for Oblivion and are known followers of Dracula)

-Zombies(seen in Lamment of Innocence and Curse of Darkness)

-Crazy Armor(the first Curse of Darkness boss)

-Short Sword(the starting weapon in Curse of Darkness)
-Gano(the second weapon in Curse of Darkness)
-BroadSword(the third weapon in Curse of Darkness)

-Ceremonial Tool
-Jet Black
-Ancient Memory

Last Notes *SPOILERS and walkthrough*

-First of all, when you enter the Abandoned Castle, don't search too much the area before Germain's Scene. Better to go from the pathway to avoid a broken scene.

-When you fight the boss, stay away from his attacks if you are in low level. He casts a fire breath which is perfect opportunity to attack him.

-When you have been ambushed by many enemies, try to maintain your stamina, because a low stamina makes you harder to move especially if frozen.

-Try not to hurry. There may be something useful you missed.
Hope everything is fine and game reads the files with no problem.

*About the vocals and the clothes I added, they will not be the standard for the full version. It's just a first view of St. Germain*

Special Thanks
Goes to Bethesda for the awesome game.
-Goes to Blender team.
-Goes to Adobe.
-Goes to the CK tutorials.
-To Kingdom hearts insider for their great music storage and Michiru Yamane, the original Castlevania music composer for the original tracks from Castlevania Curse of Darkness , Lamment of Innocence and (upcoming) Symphony of the Night.

Special Thanks to creed007 for translating the mod into chinese.
Special Thanks to DyingAtheist for recording a spotlight video about this mod.
Special Thanks to Brodual for recording a second spotlight video along with Whiterun enhanced.
Special Thanks to fire3lf for making a walkthrough of the gameplay in four parts.
Special Thanks to MxR for featuring this mod in this week's best mods.

Special Thanks to the users who pointed me the bugs.
Special Thanks also for those who endorsed this work and are still supporting it.
-Last, goes to users for deciding to download and play the mod!

Good Gaming!