Mantis Gear by Bzhuan
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A CBBE remodel will be out as soon as I can fix the textures on the model in nifskope. If someone wants to help, please check out this link here and reply with some kind of fix:


This mod adds a new set of armor and a new dagger into Skyrim. Mostly the mod is just a recolor of dragonscale armor and various other armor pieces into a dark-green-ish color scheme.
The armor set does not provide much defense, and is based around the keyword "poison", having each piece either make the player immune to poisons and disease, or just poison enemies around you like Boethiah's ebony mail does. (that effect is seen on the boots)
The dagger included poisons everything it hits and has a low base damage.

Also includes an unenchanted version with simpler recipe and improved stats for those who have a very high enchanting skill and want to enchant their own armor.

Requires "Advanced Armors" perk to craft.
and "Dragon Armor" perk to temper and upgrade.
Found in the "misc" section of the smithing menu.

If anyone has a tutorial to remodel skyrim armors in blender without errors, please give me a link to it so I can get started with a remodel.