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Added: 03/07/2012 - 04:09PM
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Hotkey your Gear ver 1.3b

What this mod does?
You'll recieve a set of eight rings with the unique ability to save your weapons and gear configuration so you can recall it later. This is particularly usefull if you are using bandoliers, equipable Lanterns, custom armor, etc. Now you can save up to eight outfits and favorite and even hotkey them!

Update 1.3b:
+ BUG FIXED: Companion's gear will persist when changing cell or fast traveling.
+ SCRIPT CLEANED: All debug notifications are gone.

Update 1.2b: NOW HOTKEY YOUR ENTIRE PARTY GEAR! Just give any ring to a companion and his/hers gear will be saved too, you have 16 slots per ring.

Installation and Update
First install: Either use Nexus Mod Manager or extract the files into your ...\Skyrim\Data folder, then activate PBGearRings.esp in the Skyrim Launcher.
Updating from previous versions: You MUST make a clean save before installing: Uncheck PBGearRings.esp, make a new save, then install.
This mod requires latest SKSE version.

To uninstall just remove all provided files.

How to use it
Equip your favorite gear and then drop one of the provided rings, wait for the config dialog to show up. When the dialog box closes, the ring will be added back to your inventory, now you can favorite it or whatever. Equip it to switch your gear!

The script will read every possible equipable slot, so any standard and no standard piece of equipment sould be compatible. The ring itself won't use any slot nor will stay equiped, so it won't conflict with your favorite magic ring.

COMPANION SUPPORT: Open your follower's inventory and remove anything you don't want him/her to equip, then place a ring in it (you don't need to close the inventory). The ring will be returned to you and a "Gear Gem" will be added to your buddy, each time the ring is activated, the gem will be activated too. Each ring can produce up to 16 gems. To clear a gem, remove it from the NPC and then drop it, this will delete the gem and clear its data.

Issues and limitations
+Items enchanted by the player won't apply their magical effects when equiped by the ring script, this is because a bug in the main Skyrim script and cannot be solved right now. When this bug is solved either in an official patch or in SKSE, or if a workaround is found, I can fix it here.
+Dual weapons is currently not supported. This is because I don't seem to find any funcion capable of equiping weapons in the left hand, if you know of one, let me know via PM.
+Due to a strange bug, a ring given to NPCs won't return to player if you have not previously stored your character's gear in it. However, you can just take it back from the NPCs inventory.

Please report any bugs here, also any comments and suggestions or questions are welcome!

Future updates?
+Cycling gear rings.

Thanks to svaalbard for the vid!