Better_enchanting_tables by Paul Rushton
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Added: 03/07/2012 - 02:04AM
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This mod allows you to place almost all enchantments on clothing or armor
for head, body, hands, and feet as well as on necklaces and rings. A few
enchantments are quite restricted (e.g., muffle can only be applied to
clothing or armor for the feet).

I was annoyed that you are awarded armor such as the guild master's thief
armor that has enhanced carry weight for the cuirass but you cannot use
an enchanting table to place the same enchantment on a cuirass yourself.
While making this change, I decided to remove a number of other enchanting

This mod is unbalanced as it allows you to create some extremely powerful
armor and weapons. For example, you can increase your alchemy skill by
creating alchemy enhanced equipment for the head, body, hands, feet, neck,
and fingers. Then wear this equipment and create an enhanced enchantment
potion. Then use this potion to create even more powerful alchemy gear.
Repeat until you run out of ingrdients, equipment, or you simply get bored.

Just copy the 'Better_enchanting_tables.esp' file to your data folder for
Skyrim. When you start Skyrim, the data file should also be selected but
that appears to happen automatically.

Feel free to change and use this mod in any way. Just credit me if you do